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GTK2 Themes 2 comments

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May 13 2010
Nice job john007 - May 13 2010
Homosapien Fluxbox Customizer

Fluxbox Themes 2 comments

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Mar 22 2010
Nice work comelade. Its great to see the Customizer working for Fluxbox. - Mar 29 2010

GTK2 Themes 62 comments

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May 11 2010
fantastic work gracca. ive updated the rpm link above. - Mar 24 2010
mtax, gracca has created some fresh rpms that work with this theme. see the rpm link above. - Mar 24 2010
cleem if you are using fedora gracca has created some fresh rpms that work with this theme. see the rpm link above. - Mar 24 2010
I see that the arch package has been updated and the theme is now working for you :-) - Mar 22 2010
cleem im sorry the theme isnt working for you :-(

I know 0.90.3 doesnt work in Ubuntu but an updated package (from 2010/02/10) does.

If you run "metacity --replace" in the command line then change your theme back to the "Unified" theme do you see any errors outputted. It could give you a hint as to what could be wrong?

If you see "gtkrc:110: error: unexpected identifier arrowstyle" in the output then your version of murrine isnt new enough.
- Mar 22 2010
I'd like to make it look better also. Removing the blue focus outline would be an accessibility loss... you wouldn't know what item has focus. - Mar 22 2010
Ta for reporting the titlebar cropping - Mar 22 2010
Make sure you have the latest Murrine Engine installed. I've posted a link above for DEB's but I havent found RMP's that are up-to-date enough. - Mar 21 2010
Ok thats tell me that your version of the murrine-engine isnt new enough to run the theme.

Im not sure where the best place to find and update for Archlinux is :-( - Mar 19 2010
I am using the murrine engine for the widgets. The hardest thing I found with this theme was getting the background showing thru all/some widgets like GtkToolbar, GtkHandleBox, GtkMenuBar. I found that using a combination of engine "" and bg_pixmap = "<parent>" I could disable what seems to be the hardcoded background fill for most of these.

Any thoughts on another way to place a background on a GtkWindow and have all the other widgets (mentioned above) backgrounds transparent?
- Mar 19 2010
mtax also had this problem. I'll have to setup a fedora install and see whats up. - Mar 19 2010
they would be the new ubuntu-mono-light icons - Mar 19 2010
Hmm I'm running Ubuntu and I've got Murrine 0.90.3+git 2010 02 10.

If you run "metacity --replace" in the command line then change your theme back to the "Unified" theme do you see any errors outputed. It could give you a hint as to what could be wrong?

For example doing the above but using a different theme I have installed I can see "gtkrc:473: Murrine configuration option "gradients" is no longer supported and will be ignored.". - Mar 19 2010
I found some RMPS and have added the links above. Hopefully they help? - Mar 19 2010
Murrine. I've added download links in the description above. - Mar 19 2010
Hopefully you'll agree that nautilus looks nice. I didnt go to town on it because the latest version is a lot cleaner than previous ones but I did do a few subtle tweaks to it. - Mar 19 2010
Homosapien Metacity Customizer 0.4.5

Metacity Themes 98 comments

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Mar 17 2010
if only i was one release earlier :-) - Mar 18 2010
grigori: you might want to take a look at the new blend style in the customizer as that style uses the gtk background color.

you can also select the color of the close button so thats it suits your taste :-) - Mar 05 2010
Dust support... done :-) - Mar 04 2010
buttons on the left... done.

have a look at the "Colored Borders" option in latest customizer. - Feb 15 2010
ive just added an option to have colored borders - Feb 15 2010
thanks for the nice comments.

yes i'll be extending the customizer over time to include more options so keep watching :-) - Feb 15 2010
yes true.

maybe i should have said "add support for displaying buttons on the left" as the theme doesnt look as intended if you do this currently - Feb 11 2010
Now that the latest version includes small, medium and large variations everyone should be happy :-) - Feb 07 2010
Hmm... the titlebar is to big for some and too small for others... what to do? - Feb 05 2010
ooh... and the keep comments/votes coming :-) - Feb 04 2010
Thanks everyone for adding your comments and voting :-) - Feb 04 2010
Actually I think what your seeing could be a compiz bug. Try looking at the same windows but using metacity (not compiz) to see the difference. From what I've seen while testing compiz seems to get a few other (albeit minor things) wrong when compared to metacity.

Have a look at to see what i mean. - Feb 04 2010
Thanks for your feedback.

* Buttons - I'll try looking at some different effects and see how they work out.

* Menu - This is drawn by your selected GTK theme (ie the "Controls" tab not the "Window Border" tab).

* Close button - The theme already supports this but not if your using compiz, try using metacity and see the difference. Have a look at to see what i mean. This could be a compiz bug? - Feb 04 2010
I'll have a look at reducing the titlebar and see what it looks like.

There's no easy way to specify a custom color for the titlebar. Maybe I'll have a look at producing some color variations as separate themes? - Feb 04 2010
re PPA: That said I'm not sure I have many more changes to make? - Feb 04 2010
No problems and thanks for you comments.

I think I'll stick with showing the applications icon because it sometimes aids in window navigation/application discovery when the titlebar text is covered by another window.
- Feb 03 2010
Thanks for you comment.

The inactive window buttons are on my todo list. I'll also have a look at setting up a PPA. - Feb 03 2010
Not that I know of yet. It could be a bug in compiz?

Anyone know how to fix this in compiz? - Feb 03 2010
Thanks for your comments.

* Rounded corners - I'm not a fan of rounded bottom corner either but I've added them as a few people have asked.

* Resize dimples - these are drawn by your selected GTK theme (ie the "Controls" tab not the "Window Border" tab).

* Uncentered buttons - I'm not seeing that. The buttons look centered to me. Got a screenshot?

* Menu button - I agree and I've replaced the orange dot with the applications icon.

* Missing buttons - Fixed in the latest version but not if your using compiz, try using metacity and see the difference :-)

* Maximize button should toggle - Agreed. It's on my todo list.

* Buttons contrast - In the latest version(s) I've done some work on this. Is it enough?

* Flat titlebar - I've added a slight gradient to the titlebar in the latest version so hopefully that helps?

- Feb 03 2010
ive renamed the downloads so its clearer - Feb 03 2010
Please let me know what you think of the slight gradient I've added to the titlebar (as suggested by some of you). It's hard to find the right balance between to much and too little. Hopefully I've got it just right ;-) - Feb 03 2010
The screenshot show the latest nautilus in Lucid Lynx which has some new UI changes. The zoom buttons and the view combo box are now on the main toolbar. - Feb 02 2010
ive added v0.1 for download - Feb 02 2010
In the latest version the titlebar of inactive windows should blended in with the window background. Are you seeing otherwise? - Feb 02 2010
I've just added a wide version so hopefully that will help. - Feb 01 2010
Blue Human Lucid

GTK2 Themes 5 comments

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Mar 12 2010
Very nice. I like it :-) - Mar 12 2010

GTK2 Themes 27 comments

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Feb 08 2010
I've also updated Homosapien (metacity) to fix some of the issue mentioned above. - Feb 01 2010
Elementary and Humanity for emesene

Full Icon Themes 3 comments

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Feb 07 2010
ahh got it. the screenshot shows awn not docky - Jan 31 2010
i know its off topic but how did you get the notification area inside of your dock(y)? - Jan 31 2010