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Oxygen Gtk

QtCurve by HugoPereira 340 comments

When Chrome is running under KDE4 using oxygen-gtk as the gtk style, Chrome's popup menu can leave shadows and borders permanently. This happens when you run Chrome for a while (i.e. not initially).

I suggest that oxygen-gtk provide a "disable menu shadow" option for now. - Jan 09 2014
last time i tried this style, the tooltip background didn't use kde4's tooltip background color. - Jul 24 2009
we need a good lobbyist to persuade CraigD to look beyond what has satisfied him, into what new wonders there could be over the horizon, if he could turn qtcurve into a generic framework that allows users to create svg-based themes (QuantumStyle already does this but not for gtk2).
- Jul 05 2009
i asked CraigD about this before. he said the current qtcurve serves his needs well.

the real future like in things like QuantumStyle and Aurorae (with gtk2 ports). - Jul 05 2009
i just come up with an idea: qtcurve can pretend that it is going to draw squared text boxes in firefox, and:

step 1: qtcurve takes a snapshot of the text box region;

step 2: firefox fills the text box background with the window background color;

step 3: qtcurve restores the box region with the snapshot in step 1;

step 4: qtcurve draws a curved text box border.

but it is likely that qtcurve doesn't have a chance to do step 1 before firefox fills the text box background. if so, qtcurve can sample the box region's outskirt's most frequently used color (if the box region is (top, left) - (bottom, right), then the outskirt is the rectangle with vertices (top-1, left-1), (top-1, right+1), (bottom+1, left-1), (bottom+1, right+1)) and use that color to refill the box background.

- Jul 04 2009
how about drawing squared text boxes in firefox as i suggested in email to you? - Jul 04 2009
one of qtcurve/gtk2's greatest bugs, which affected functionality, is solved in recent versions. the bug caused gtk2 apps to occasionally disregard user clicks on menu items and refuse to switch to another menu when the user moves the mouse onto that menu. - Jun 22 2009
a dish you never get tired of eating, a girl you never get tired of playing - May 18 2009
uploaded via http from china. use at your own risk... - Apr 12 2009
my i386 version: - Apr 12 2009
i keep a Kubuntu 8.04.2 (KDE 3.5.10) virtual machine in VirtualBox and use it to compile QtCurve/KDE3 and then run sudo ../common/mkpkg to generate a .deb file.
- Apr 12 2009
compare it with a kde vertical scrollbar. at the lower end of the scrollbar there are two adjacent arrows. this is why tab arrows should be adjacent. - Mar 18 2009
right-click kmix's tray icon and its popup menu will appear. the first item on this menu is the header "KMix". it is surrounded by a rounded rectangle by default in qtcurve. however, this rectangle's right edge is one pixel too rightward. - Mar 12 2009
in qtcurve 0.62.1, a screenshot of vbox (the font is DejaVu Sans 9):

(1) the "g" in the toolbar button "Settings" is still clipped from the bottom.

(2) tab labels are now clipped from the right.
- Mar 11 2009
using selection color to draw underline for focused-but-not-selected view items is cute (read: smart)! - Mar 11 2009
some people like me are happy to death in the heart but assume everybody else has the same feeling so didn't bother to speak it out. maybe it's the chinese culture... - Mar 11 2009
if you run openoffice your current kde4 widget style can be reset to the default (Oxygen). to correct this, locate all "kdeglobals" files and edit them to add this:

- Mar 11 2009
can you color the border of the moused-over text box just like other moused-over objects? - Mar 11 2009
can you provide rounded menus like that of oxygen? i guess gtk2 widget styles can't do that. - Mar 11 2009
DejaVu Sans 9, default in Kubuntu. - Mar 11 2009

this is KWrite's Configure dialog box. note the first checkbox is clipped. i don't know if it's qtcurve's fault or kwrite's. - Mar 11 2009

The "g" in VirtualBox's toolbar button "Settings" is still clipped at the bottom. - Mar 11 2009
or maybe just use the blue rectangle as in screenshot #2, but stylized. - Mar 11 2009
in kde 4.2.1 (qt 4.5), run pidgin (2.5.4 or 2.5.5) with qtcurve/gtk2 0.62 (with all default qtcurve settings, i.e. the oxygen-like style), i see this:

in contrast, using another gtk2 widget style "Nodoka", this will look like:

i believe the latter screenshot gives a better distinction between a show/hide item that has keyboard focus but is not selected (e.g. "group1" in the screeenshots), and a show/hide item that is expanded (e.g. "group2" in the screenshots).

i suggest that qtcurve uses a different appearance for "keyboard-focused but not selected" items. for example, use a light blue block like when you hover your mouse on an item in Dolphin.

to reproduce the situation in the screenshots, do the following:

1. add an IRC account such as;
2. add an IM account such as your msn;
3. add a group called group1;
4. add a group called group2;
5. add a group called group3; (group2 is below group1 and group3 is below group2);
6. add at least 1 irc channel in group1;
7. add at least 1 msn buddy in group2;
8. add at least 1 msn buddy in group3;
9. collapse group1 and group3; expand group2; close all pidgin windows (so only the tray icon remains);
10. right-click pidgin's tray icon and quit pidgin.
11. start pidgin again. click the pidgin tray icon to show the main pidgin window.
12. now you see both group1 and group2 have an underline.
- Mar 11 2009
CraigD, do you see my new replies in page 81? ...
- Mar 09 2009
if the 'clipped text' you mentioned is what i explained now, then i'm glad to hear it's fixed in the next release. - Mar 08 2009
the Chinese toolbar buttons' text in should be displayed as follows:

新建 // New
设置 // Settings
显示 // Show
清除 // Discard

- Mar 08 2009
i mean, on the left side of this screenshot, below the menus, above the virtual machines list, there is a toolbar which includes 4 buttons: New, Settings, Show, Discard. The button text can be clipped from the top and/or from the bottom:

Running: LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 VirtualBox
you can see in this screenshot, the "g" in the "Settings" button is clipped from the bottom.

Running: LC_ALL=zh_CN.UTF-8 VirtualBox
in this screenshot (VirtualBox running in Simplified Chinese locale), all the 4 toolbar buttons' text is clipped by the height of 1 pixel from the top. (Maybe you don't know Chinese but i can tell you, the top line of pixels of these Chinese characters is chopped).
- Mar 08 2009
i confirm in qt 4.5's toolbars, text vertical position is not correct:
- Mar 07 2009
correction: - Mar 06 2009
i just upgraded to kubuntu jaunty alpha which uses kde 4.2.1 and qt 4.5. text position in tabs in System Settings and other kde4 apps are not good: (as seen in this screenshot)

[url[/url] - Mar 06 2009

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by dralgebra 153 comments

Just upgraded to Kubuntu 9.04 Alpha. This bug automatically disappeared. - Mar 06 2009

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by dralgebra 153 comments

the vertical distance between a title bar's text and the title bar's bottom will become larger when the window is maximized. i want this vertical distance to remain the same as if the window is not maximized.

the kde4 window decoration "Bespin" is a good example of having a constant title text vertical offset. - Mar 03 2009
don't ask, just send. - Mar 02 2009
firefox's active tab highlight is not drawn exactly as those in kde4 and other gtk2 apps (such as gedit). zoom in the pixels and you will see the difference. i wonder if this can be fixed. - Mar 01 2009
IMO the preview screenshots are very outdated. I suggest this new one be the default preview:
- Feb 28 2009
Uploaded via an insecure connection from within China. Use at your own risk.
- Feb 27 2009
i didn't test qtcurve/gtk2 with Square edges so i assume that bug is also real. - Feb 27 2009
back in my kubuntu 7.10 days i also saw these ghost menus occasionally. i think they're due to display driver bugs or KDE 3.5.x's low-level GUI drawing bugs (memory corruption of bitmap buffers, for example).

in kde4 i never see them again. - Feb 27 2009
i confirm the groupbox line bug in qtcurve/kde3:

(Kubuntu 8.04.2 with KDE 3.5.10) - Feb 27 2009
i confirm the tab bug. i see it in VirtualBox. for each virtual machine, on the right there are these tabs: Details, Snapshots, Description. they are cut in the middle... - Feb 26 2009

QtCurve 0.61.3 for GTK2: - Feb 26 2009
it is hard to compile QtCurve/KDE3 in Kubuntu 8.10 so i installed a Kubuntu 8.04.2 virtual machine and compiled it there. Below are i386 DEB packages i made.

DISCLAIMER: i uploaded these binaries from within china to via an insecure connection. use them at your own risk.

QtCurve 0.61.3 for GTK2:

QtCurve 0.61.2 for KDE3:

QtCurve 0.61.3 for KDE4:
- Feb 26 2009
i believe bug #2 is also due to ooo 3.0.0's inability to handle kde4. - Feb 25 2009
i retract bug #1. it is caused by an outdated qtcurve/kde3 style in my kubuntu 8.10. openoffice 3.0.0 only recognizes kde3 and uses the current kde3 style when it detects the environment to be "kde" (actually it's kde4).

i have difficulty compiling qtcurve/kde3 because kubuntu 8.10 no longer provides kde3/qt3 dev packages. can anyone contribute deb packages? - Feb 25 2009
i was promoting qtcurve to #kubuntu-devel and someone randomly mentioned OpenOffice and then i tested openoffice 3.0.0 and found 2 bugs:

(1) although i set qtcurve's button mouseover style to "Glow", buttons in openoffice 3.0.0 still uses Plastik style.

(2) after running OOo, the current kde4 style automatically switches to Oxygen, and newly started kde4 apps such as Konsole will show this change. this bug may not be qtcurve-specific.

i'm downloading OOo 3.0.1 and trying it with qtcurve. - Feb 25 2009
when using pidgin to chat in multiple irc chat rooms, each chat room is in a tab. inactive tabs' header text can have different colors to indicate different meanings: red for a tab that has new, unread messages; blue for a tab that has new system messages (messages from an irc server); gray for a tab where someone has left the room. but with qtcurve 0.61/0.62's gtk2 port, all these colorful tabs now become black. - Feb 24 2009
love you baby! - Feb 24 2009
sorry, i did thought you might mean the bug is inherent in gtk2, but i wasn't 100% sure you meant so.

for now i only wish you can give me a link to download the good old 0.60 (kde4 and gtk2 ports)...
- Feb 24 2009
while resolving these 2 issues, can the author post the good old 0.60 QtCurve (KDE4 and GTK2) back? - Feb 24 2009
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