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Sep 28 2006
Thanks for your beautiful theme.
Unlike other previous themes, I have kept using this theme for a long time. :D

One thing I'd like to know is how to exclude some icons that imposed by the main theme to a specific program.
For instance, I was recently trying to change "previous","next" and "print" icons in evolution email program by copying some other icons to stock directory under theme directory, but I couldn't change those.

Is there any way to achieve that?
However, I still keep the above mentioned icons to other programs.

Thanks beforehand, - Mar 11 2006
Thanks for the theme you've worked.

Could you let me know how to change the location bar so that it looks just like your screenshot in file browser?

In my nautilus, it's always just a text-input panel. - Mar 07 2006
I love this theme!
Thanks a lot

BTW, do you happen to have an idea in your mind to include evolution stock icons in the future? - Feb 27 2006

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