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gilles madi

Qt Widgets 6 comments

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Jan 18 2012
ok thanks for the new link! this is a great project, why cancelling it?
- Jan 17 2012
hello, please are you aware we can not more download it? please i really need it. - Jan 16 2012

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Jun 12 2012
this is because i compiled under ubuntu, i was not sure for compatibility! i will change the name for the next uppdate...thanks - Jun 14 2011
okay if you take it like that, note that adding a compatibility was not for you only. - May 27 2011
okay, i can see, i will adress this issue this week end, sorry.
Also which distro are you using, so that i can add compatibility for it.

Regards. - May 27 2011
in fact it is compatible with any linux distro. - May 27 2011
in fact here is for free software Qt apps, not necessarily open sources, so Patriott is in th right place.
thanks for the suggestion anyway - May 12 2011
sorry but for now, it is not open source,but it'll be, iam creating a repository - May 12 2011
thanks for the suggestion! - May 12 2011
The update is finally there, have a test on it! - May 11 2011
Hi guys, the patriott version 1.00 is comming this week, it is wonderfull, and complete, new design, new features... the most complete Qt based web browser, really... stay tuned - May 08 2011
yeah thanks, iam happy if my suggestion helped you, for the sources, i will upload them with the linux version of patriott, i have a poor connection these days - Apr 16 2011
please report any bug here, or any suggestion to include in the next version!
thanks - Apr 14 2011

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Jan 27 2012
ah ok, sorry, its allright! - Apr 18 2011
very nice, i like the way you implemented your tabs! now there are some more suggestion

* Keyboard shortcuts, it is very important
* a quick button to add and close tabs
* produce error pages( in case of bad network availability, of network, or wrong spelling of the address)
* context menu for the tab bar area.
* and many more thing i will discover...

but i really appreciate it, continue working on it! we'll keep improving it. chrome will hear from it (not a joke)
- Apr 17 2011
hey, i really appreciate your web browser very simple and beautifull, but you may consider adding tab browsing! i too wrote a browser, Patriott, i will upload it here so that we can share!
chees - Apr 06 2011