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Tomas Tichy

Science by ariya 36 comments

I found this app very handy and useful. Thank you for the job!
But I am missing one feature. I would like to do calculations with time values for example 160 min + 10 hours, show 3250 seconds in hours, minutes and seconds, add 120 days to 1st July 2004 and so on. I am missing such simple time calcularor on both Windows and Linux, so I hope speedcrunch will implement it :-) - Jan 28 2006

Audioplayers by amarok 574 comments

I was using JuK before AmaroK too, but I still find JuK useful. JuK is great for oraganizing music collections - tag editing, file renaming etc. AmaroK is excellent player and playlist manager. - Jun 29 2004