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Volker Christian

Groupware by voc 17 comments

Did you also configure the konnector in raki? Klick on the configure-button after selection one of the synchronization types
- Appointment,
- Contact, or
- Taks
and select the files the connector should sync with. - Mar 17 2006

Groupware by voc 17 comments

You probably haven't installed the syncekonnector in the distribution-dependent kde directory tree.
If the install directory isn't choosen correctly, the *.desktop files are not found by kde and therefore kde didn't know anything about the plugin. Which distribution do you use? - Feb 23 2006

Groupware by voc 17 comments

syncekonnector could not be used with multisynk anymore (at the moment). It is a plugin for raki, the "activesync-clone" in SynCE-KDE.
Start vdccm, start raki, connect your device, choose "Appointment", "Contact", and "Todo" in the device-configuration dialog of raki, configure all those synchronization types, and than try to sync. - Feb 23 2006

Groupware by voc 7 comments

Yes, it works also for PocketPC 2002 and 2003 because PocketPC uses Windows CE as its base system.
Synchronization is currently working for AvantGo only. Synchronization based on kitchensync (kdeaddressbook, events, todos, ...) is work in progress and expected to work in a the near future (~ two month).

voc - Jul 07 2004