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José Abad , Spain

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Veoduendes 6 comments

We need to put some rules of use, video, series, music for the plugin to work. I think the suggestion and pointed a way to solve it. If you can think of a way for the series will be well accepted. I designed only for music for me and I see that there is interest. Thank You. - Jan 26 2015

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Veoduendes 6 comments

Be patient, I'm getting better and soon will add improvements search covers. But I take some time to upload this code because I have to switch to other jobs. This part is not multithreaded and I have to implement it.

I use only the music and I programmed to sort my collection, but I added the video at the request of friends. If there is interest I will add more. I sign make a package for easy installation.

Show a screenshot current development.

Leave suggestions here. Thank You. - Jan 06 2015

Conky by Veoduendes 18 comments

I turn to say the same thing.
Send you an email with your question, to and I will help you solve your problem.
I can not help you unless you tell me what is your problem, Linux distribution and version of Qt.

Thank you very much.

- Aug 29 2010

Conky by Veoduendes 18 comments

I do not understand what your problem.
The source code is complete in the repository.
The SVN tree is simple, trunk/ConkyWizard. This program is a BETA for the moment, this compiled with Qt 4.7 in 64bit and Qt 4.6 in 32bit, which works on both 64bit and 32bit.
What is your question?
Do you intend to bring back the lost hour?
Why do not cooperate, find the problem and documented? Or working with the panel designs of the other distros? You will be welcome?
I use QtCreator and cmake.
Where did you find the problem? You tell me distribution, version of Qt and compiler output, to be able to help?

For the next beta I have thought to add styles to other distributions. I'm doing all the previous designs, when I have time. I have no problem in helping people. This program was created to make it easier to configure.

But disappointing is the lack of education that you have shown. - Aug 28 2010

Conky by Veoduendes 18 comments

To download it, you should go to the project page, the "Downloads" tab - Jun 16 2010