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Tyler Brainerd
Victory Gtk Theme

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Jul 22 2018
the updated version looks great, as usual. I'm curious as to whether or not you're looking into integrating DanRabbits scroll bars that he has on his Elementary theme. The new version he has are super unintrusive and really slick. - Jun 22 2010
The one thing that I'd like, is a slightly differing hover on color for active window close buttons. Theres a great contrast on the maximize and minimize, but hardly any change on the close. either a brighter red on hover, or an outline circle or something. - May 27 2010
have you tried setting "show like breadcrumbs" in the preferences menu under the tweak tab to true? - May 24 2010
i got it sorted out. I had nautilus elementary, but I had a different bread crumb mod. had to rearrange things a bit in the gtk2 file. - May 24 2010
I can't get my breadcrumbs to look like those in the picture. any clue why? - May 24 2010
dropbox icon collection for humanity

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Oct 31 2009
Check it out, they just released a panel applet: - May 08 2010
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May 05 2010
You dont need to include the homefolder bit, you can just do this command:

conky -c ~/.conkytheme/conkyrc - May 05 2010
Conky Ubuntu Lucid Theme

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May 03 2010
I'm not seeing anything when connected to wireless networks. no IP, no speed, nothing at all. What ought I to adjust to fix this? - May 05 2010

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Aug 03 2009
hooray for sufjan! - May 13 2009