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guillermo gonzález , Spain
Tango Generator 3

Icon Sub-Sets by mejogid 120 comments

I think this is an amazing idea.
Hopefully, the ubuntu artwork team includes such a wonderful idea. - Dec 29 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by Delvien28 10 comments

Great job!
One of the coolest icon themes ever tested by me.

Just one more proposal to fix: When I click on "system"-> "preferences"-> "Sounds", and then again on the label "Sounds", the icons supposedly to appear on he "play" button are missing.

P.S. By the way, adding Simpsons' faces is cool :D - Dec 29 2007
Wallpaper explode

Wallpaper Other by acidc00l 3 comments

Great wallpaper although the banner seems to be a little bit blurred.
Could you provide us with bigger resolutions pics?
Thanx mate. - Sep 30 2007
Reflective Ubuntu Splash

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by freecode 4 comments

The download link appears to be broken: /images/ubuntusplash1.png
404 Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20061201 Firefox/ (Ubuntu-feisty) The page you are looking for cannot be found. Perhaps because it doesn't exist, perhaps because of a typo, perhaps because it never existed in the first place, or perhaps because it was setup to gather information about vistiors going to the wrong address. Whatever the cause, this page does not exist and it is safe to go back to wherever you were.
- Sep 23 2007
My AER-OS-XK Pidgin Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by jeffrash 3 comments

Great theme.I am currently using it :) - Sep 04 2007

Fluxbox Themes by linuzoid 2 comments

Excellent theme. However, I would change the minimize-maximize icons. They look rather simple and cheap.

Good work! - Jul 27 2007

Fluxbox Themes by vermaden 6 comments

This is :D - Jul 26 2007
Flux club

Fluxbox Themes by tylerdurden 2 comments

Clean theme, I like it :) - Jul 25 2007

GDM Themes by txokolarte 9 comments

It has always amazed me how the hell an illegal terrorist group was still publicly & politically supported (without Governmental opposition) on a civilized country as Spain is.
As far as I'm concerned, mate, the Spanish Court seem to have only a applied a right Law approved in the National Parliament. I would do de same in my country as well.
Terrorism cannot be justified anymore in this world, my dear. Your community there is acting violently against the rest of the peaceful Spanish population.
No wonder mate the Spanish Court start forbidding any political event related to terrorism, as it would happen on every developed country on the world surface nowadays.
- May 13 2007

GDM Themes by txokolarte 9 comments

There is no place for terrorism on the open source community. I suggest you learn from IRA and leave power on the hands of democracy.
Thumbs down for this eusko-taliban crap. - May 13 2007
Midnite Theme

GTK2 Themes by Midnite 22 comments

Good job mate, one of the best themes on the net so far. :) - May 08 2007
Midnite Theme

GTK2 Themes by Midnite 22 comments

Just found a bug in the window borderlines, have a look at this:

I cannot distinguish borderlines when a window is displayed just over the bottom one at the same place. - May 08 2007
Midnite Theme

GTK2 Themes by Midnite 22 comments

If you continue updating this theme, midnite, hehehe, I won't be able to enjoy it properly ;)! (kidding)

Awesome theme, superb work.
Continue like this, pleaze! - May 08 2007
Fusions and Fusions-Light

Metacity Themes by Midnite 11 comments

Great job once again, midnite :) - May 05 2007

GTK2 Themes by Midnite 10 comments

Great fusion theme, Midnite. I'll check it :) - May 01 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by Rowan84 10 comments

Sorry, my dear friend, but, in my opinion, violent and hateful creations like yours should be banned in the Open Source community.
I don't see the point in a "guns & violence" theme like this. Moreover, artistically speaking, the quality is definitely poor.
A wonderful symbol for linux, as Tux is, shouldn't be used for fanatical purposes as yours. - Apr 30 2007
Great job, I think you should post it to cannonical, in case they would like to implement this model on the next versions.
(saludos campeón) :) - Apr 26 2007
Midnite Theme

GTK2 Themes by Midnite 22 comments

great theme, superb. - Apr 23 2007
Affecting your machine

Wallpaper Other by breadfan 11 comments

excellent mate, fits perfectly in my dark themed ubuntu :D - Apr 06 2007

Wallpaper Other by dogfox 4 comments

Please, use the English language in your descriptions. It would help a lot of people.
I have N.F.I. of what this theme is about. - Jan 29 2007

Wallpaper Other by alexabney 2 comments

Good tribute.
However (some will agree with me about this), I don't like pictures supporting violence. It is not the spirit of the GNU/Linux community.
If you like that shooting game, that's great. But, please, choose more convenient ways of expressing your ideas.
This is not the appropriate way. - Jan 21 2007
Bad Penguin

Wallpaper Other by xactive 9 comments

Nothing to do with copyright. I was just wondering if u can, at least, modify it to be different from the original (that is: include the ubuntu Logo, for example).
Anyway, can u provide us with a better quality pic? It looks quite blurred. - Jan 21 2007
Designed for "Linux"

Cliparts by Deleted 10 comments

The download link is broken. Please replace it.
Cheers - Jan 14 2007
Bad Penguin

Wallpaper Other by xactive 9 comments

The quality of the image is quite poor, and the shape is blurred when used as a desktop image. Please solve this issue.
It is a bright and funny picture though.
Anyway, I have already seen this picture somewhere on the Net, so...Think about being original mate.
Cheers - Jan 14 2007
Open Girls

People by natagali 10 comments

I think, if you are acting honestly,that this is a good idea.
By the way, you are looking for a good photographer, aren't you? I don't like commercial ideas for linux (and this clearly seems to be a good way for you to advertise your images). This is a free and open community, not a business opportunity (although some would say just the opposite). Think about it.
It could be a great idea though.
Cheers - Jan 10 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by tedet 58 comments

The best icon theme so far! Seriously! It's complete in all aspects and has no lack of taste at all!
Excellent job, now it's my preferred theme! - Jan 08 2007