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Rob Jones Industry Analyst Strategy Consultant London UK, United Kingdom
Inspirat Creme

Gnome Screenshots by sprongler 3 comments

Hi how did you get the panel mods?Is it a download theme or your own cooking? nice.. - May 17 2009
Clear is better

Gnome Screenshots by unforgivenII 13 comments

Did you modify the panel or did you use a theme? Nice ! - May 17 2009
Kanotix RC7 - Screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by stalin2000 2 comments

Have you a larger screenshot of this? - Jul 31 2008
Microsoft Windows 2000 Full/Final

KDE 3 Color Schemes by nowshining 7 comments

No screenshot - Jul 22 2008
Ultra pack - 220 color schemes

KDE 3 Color Schemes by dax918 87 comments

I like your ideas a style!Belinux is after talent (new website) as with the opensolaris community.Wonder what you would make of opensource project looking glass? - Jul 09 2008