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Utilities by appy 7 comments

Gerçekten güzel.
adresinde yer alan sözlüklerle alakası var mı?
Bir de babylon bgl sözlükleri okuyabilen bir sözlük çıksa... - Jun 02 2005

Various KDE Stuff by haq 16 comments

there may be a SuperKaramba theme like this program. It will be cute then.
Thanks for this applet. - Jan 28 2004
I just copied this file from my windows partition and used it. Didn't care file name :))
- Nov 20 2002
of course to make it work, kde-look must be rearranged.

This dialog is for only local files. A choice may be added that allows to connect wallpaper database on web. Or an application or a new KControl module can be developed for this purpose. - Nov 20 2002
it was just after I tried to compile a module for my pctel modem. (unsuccesful) Thanks...:)
The only thing that bothers me is:
I often visit and I run an eye over great works of kde artists and I read comments. But I never see a kde-developers' comment that says "that's good, let's use it in upcoming versions" or "no, it's not easy to code it" or "we didn't like it"
Now, I'm asking: "Do KDE guys visit this page?" - Nov 19 2002