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the apokalypsis
My Conky Config

Conky by Hund 12 comments

nice config! thanks a bunch! - Oct 10 2009

Cursors by KuduK 4 comments

thank you very much. now finally more interactive cursors easily available. - May 14 2009
Black Mac Icons (working preview!)

Full Icon Themes by jameshardy88 12 comments

Even the preview is a worthy icon set. Looking very nice. respect of course. - May 02 2009

Conky by pxjava 165 comments

Astounding screenlet. its funny that you released a "sidebar" type item that even puts anything MS can come up with for their side bar to shame.


\m/ - Apr 04 2009
Login Only

GDM Themes by mnative 2 comments

Great, not confusing... simplistic.

thanks - Mar 22 2009

GDM Themes by rgrwtrs 2 comments

true anarchy. very nice. - Feb 07 2009

Full Icon Themes by aMADme 8 comments

VERY nice. - Feb 03 2009

Cursors by galeote 1 comment

finally it comes to Linux. this used to be my favourite cursor for windows!

- Jan 27 2009
Ecliz (port)

Cursors by PurposeOfReason 52 comments

simply amazing. finally got it working. If anyone has any issues with it not showing up after dragging and droppping in the appearance theme tab; I had to apply the theme (and not keep current) or it would not show up. most likely a local computer issue lol, but in case it helps.

this will be my go to pointer for a while! :D - Nov 15 2008