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Simply Basic Chrome

Various Gnome Stuff by teseglet 2 comments

Not sure I understand the question. I started with this:

and fine tuned with this:

and massaged the graphics.

Hope this helps. - Jul 16 2010

GTK2 Themes by MadMax2000 135 comments

I love the theme. It is attractive fast and crisp. I wish I could figure out how to make the fast-user-switcher background transparent to match any panel I choose. - Jan 11 2009
Yakano -Colors-

Compiz Themes by ottlux 59 comments

love the theme however the buttons sometimes disappear as I toggle between windows. I use the NVIDIA driver but do not know if that has anything to do with it. - Jan 03 2009
Human 2

GTK2 Themes by kimmik 18 comments

Thanks. Your guidance plus the previous "user-switcher" comments has it looking perfect. - Nov 22 2008
Human 2

GTK2 Themes by kimmik 18 comments

Great theme. How do I go about adding/changing the widget code for the user-switcher? - Nov 21 2008
GnoMenu - consolidated menu for gnome

Various Gnome Stuff by Whise 146 comments

This is great however I have a dark theme with white text. I thought the Black Vista theme would have a black background but my background is white so I end up with white on white. Is it my system or an issue with the Black Vista theme? Anyway, near perfect. - Nov 18 2008
Ubuntu Usplash Smooth

Usplash Themes by volanin 48 comments

Both deb versions tell me "wrong architecture: AMD64 even though I am trying to open the 386 version. - Nov 17 2008

Full Icon Themes by magnussuther 33 comments

Adds a very polished look to my dark theme. One last thing to make it complete as far as having all the basics would be a full trash can icon. - Nov 16 2008
FS Icons Ubuntu

Full Icon Themes
by franksouza183

9   Apr 14 2012

Gnome Shell Themes
by oberon27

9   Jan 15 2012
Gnome Cupertino

GTK3/4 Themes
by trastes

9   Jan 11 2012
9   May 18 2011

GTK2 Themes
by SkiesOfAzel

9   Jan 25 2011

GTK2 Themes
by SkiesOfAzel

9   Jan 05 2011
9   Nov 11 2010
Kaleban Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other
by nameless89

9   Oct 13 2010