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David Rivoal Lille, France
Yasp-Scripted (Systemmonitor) v1.0.8a

Plasma 4 Widgets 301 comments

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Feb 25 2011
Thanks for your plasmoid, I use it as my system monitor since I installed KDE 4 (2 weeks ago).
It just works fine!

I didn't see this feature, so I emit the idea and you can implement it if you like it :D
I would like to be able to display some parts only under a certain condition.

For example, see the occupation on my external HD, only if it's power on. Something like:

if $(mount | grep /mnt/HDEXT)
blablabla to display partition stats

Anyway, thanks for this plasmoid ;) - Nov 19 2009
Subtitle Composer

Video Apps 181 comments

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May 25 2009
Ok ;)
I will happily make a French translation then ;) - Apr 22 2008
I'm a french guy and I just updated the gentoo ebuild and opened your soft for the first time.
It's really great!!!

Hum, I have to press SHIFT+"-" to decrease time on a subtitle whereas "+" (so without SHIFT) works to increase time, is it a bug.

Well, my message is than there are no "po" files ... so no translation :/ - Apr 18 2008

Webcam & Monitoring 70 comments

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Jan 23 2009
Agree, great idea !!!!
Do you plan to add a "video" tab or to keep it simple?
I like both way : simple is good, video is good too :D - Mar 21 2008

Full Icon Themes 182 comments

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Aug 16 2008
I prefered when it was inside... - Oct 19 2007
These are the most fantastic icons ever!!!
I hope you can find some help for this amazing project!
Congrats man! - Oct 17 2007
amaroK Web Collection

Amarok 1.x Scripts 8 comments

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Jan 20 2009
Yeah, I'm French too but Dude, you have to edit your post to translate it in English.

It's writen : "All text must be in English."

By the way... you listen strange songs :D - Oct 07 2007
Media Tag Tools

Audio Apps 40 comments

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Aug 05 2007
@BorgQueen : sorry Kate ;)

@parapente : strange, I use fomit-pointer in my Gentoo conf o_O' - Aug 14 2007
Dude, the answer is in the error :

"g++: -pg and -fomit-frame-pointer are incompatible"

And you have both in the previous line.

Don't know what distro you are running but if you can, disable the "pg" option (or maybe more simple, remove it from the makefile). - Aug 06 2007
Well, I received a nice email from the dev tonight :D - Aug 05 2007
Here is a Gentoo ebuild (I just updated a previous one, I've done nothing) :

Here is an alternative ebuild.
This one contains a patch to enhance case functions : add a new choice (first letter of first word uppercase only) and now, only the fields that are checked at bottom left will be affected by case changes.
I've emailed the developper one week ago but as I did get any response, I post here: - Aug 05 2007

Audio Apps 21 comments

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Mar 29 2009
I got a problem : I built Traverso with openGL support and the menu on the left was all white (I saw some bars blinking when I moved the mouse over it).
I rebuilt it without opengl support and now it works!!

Thanks a lot :D - Aug 08 2007

I looked at this app to replace audacity ('cause I don't like it a lot).
But this app records only "line in" ... and I get no sound.
Why not adding just the ability to select the "in" source??? - Aug 07 2007

Email 29 comments

by Temet
Score 50.0%
Feb 04 2007
I received a nice mail from a guy named Alexander.
If you read this, I tried to answer you with two different accounts but I always get a "Mail delivery failure".
I'm sorry for that...
Feel free to contact me with another address if you want.
I would be glad to add your Kubuntu package to this page.


Temet - Aug 08 2007
I'm sorry guys, I had a new job and I had to move to Paris.
I still don't have internet at home ... I asked for it 3 weeks ago but the ISP is not quick!
I don't have a lot of time, I don't have internet ... and don't know how to program SSL with QSocket (QSSLSocket is not free...).
I have a more recent version with some minor changes but not very useful.
I'll try to implement SSL when I will have internet at home.

Bye - Apr 18 2007
Ah OK, "EXAMINE INBOX" is an IMAP command.
I didn't know it, I will change this for next version, thanks ;) - Feb 04 2007
Thanks ;)

You wrote : You should do an "EXAMINE INBOX" (opens the folder read-only, no harm done) instead of "SELECT INBOX".

>> sorry, I don't get what you mean. I'm afraid my english is far from beeing perfect :/


Also, why do you have only 2 configurable accounts?

>> because managing the layout of the applet is such a mess!! Furthermore, I noticed that using rich text (to change to color of text) has some side effects on the size of the labels, I will have to find a solution.

If you want an account on a IMAP+STARTTLS I can get you one. Also POP3S (sorry, no pop3 starttls :/).

>> for pop3s, there is GMail, I asked a friend to send me an invitation.
I fear the problem is that I don't find any doc/example about qca (Qt Cryptographic Architecture). I will contact you for imap when I will have the courage to face SSL programming ;)

I have some small ideas also, but I want this applet to stay easy and simple to use ;) - Feb 03 2007
I've just started to read "The Prestige", my free time is for the book for a few days.

Furthermore, GMail supports pop3s but not imap, I still don't know where to find imap+ssl (I haven't seached a lot :x) - Feb 02 2007
Not as far as I know.
I'm a Gentoo user so I make an ebuild.
Thanks to linux3114a, there is also a rpm for Suse users. - Feb 01 2007
Thanks :)
Honnestly, for Kmail I don't think so because when I started the applet, I had in mind an applet limited to only 2 boxes... I even thought about having only one box during the designing of the configuration dialog ^^.
So I would have to rewrite more or less everything for this .. :'( - Jan 25 2007
I don't know, I would have to read some doc about IMAP and SSL.
Furthermore, I don't know if I will have enough free time after next week. :/ - Jan 25 2007
Thanks ;) - Jan 25 2007
Yes, I found and it's a bad pb.

If the server exists (DNS says YES) but does not respond ... the applet is waiting forever.

I tried many fixes but timers seems to interact :/

Sorry for that, I keep try to find a good solution.

BTW, it's not KTorrent ... my KDE on my desktop restarts when he decides to restart o_O' - Jan 23 2007
Thanks for the rpm.
I will add the font color during the day.
If you agree, I will put your rpm (for next version) in the main part ;) - Jan 23 2007

Utilities 7 comments

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Jul 06 2007
Don't worry for the name.
I understood that the name was made of "Calendar" and "Calculator".
It's not really a problem, it's just funny (except for some religious integrist) ;) - Jul 31 2007
5 minutes after, I'm still laughing!!
Thanks a lot!!!

(Yes, I'm French!) - Jul 06 2007
Aero AIO

Karamba & Superkaramba 342 comments

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May 17 2006
Dude, I really don't understand why this app is not better rated. It's great. - Jul 27 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba 2 comments

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Jul 19 2007
I like it.
I would only change the background ;) - Jul 19 2007
Crystal Project

Full Icon Themes 124 comments

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Aug 11 2009
I'm interested too for this!

Thanks a lot Everaldo! I've been using Crystal Clear for years and I've never found any set as good as this one and you come back with a new set, and it's better.

Thanks again!!! - Jun 16 2007

Video Apps 494 comments

by rvm
Score 80.7%
Apr 16 2014
Smplayer is cool but I have somethings to ask you... and I hope it's not already asked in another comment :

1/ Can I dream of an option like "make -kdestyle" where the open/save dialog would be the ones of KDE because Qt open/save dialogs are quite ugly and display horribles yellow directories?

2/ I think it would be useful to save the playlist when the player is closed and reopen it when it's launched after.

3/ in full screen, control and option bars move the image, is it possible to display bars over the video?

Thanks for your time doing this great GUI for mplayer. - Apr 13 2007
I do agree, I only would have prefered it to be a KDE app, not "only" Qt app. - Mar 14 2007
Kirocker Music Display

Audio Apps 324 comments

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Dec 14 2007
I don't understand your trouble.
You can also make it like this :

src_compile() {

A piece of advice : open a web directory with all your ebuilds so that Sebien can put a link to that directory. It's boring to update the page for only a link ;) - Feb 20 2007
You're welcome, it's Open Source ;) - Feb 20 2007

I made it like this:

I added the nomirror trick, remove the unpack (it's automatic) and used econf.

Worked nice.

I didn't think to use this app because my kicker didn't seem huge enough, but it is and this app is awesome!

Feel free to take this ebuild and maintain it if you prefer with the changes. In my mind, it's your ebuild ;)

Thanks by the way - Feb 19 2007
src_compile() {
econf --prefix= $(kde-config --prefix) || die "econf failed"

I think - Feb 19 2007
Hi, you should add amarok to rdepend I think ;)

Thanks - Feb 18 2007
Amarok Full Screen

Audioplayers 272 comments

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Mar 20 2007
Yes, I also have qt4, no problem ;) - Feb 08 2007

I don't fully agree.
It would be a great screensaver but I also like the idea to have it as an app you decide to launch.

Moreover, screensaver will not work if you don't run amarok.

But maybe someone will do it, and maybe add a "screensaver to launch if amarok is not running" ;)
Would be great :D - Feb 08 2007

Same as before, just previous renamed.
Yeah I know, Gentoo is great ;)

@comar961: if you don't want to change the link for ebuild every version, you can link the download to this url :
Use the solution you prefer, it's the same for me.

For Gentoo users : renaming the ebuild is (or should be) enough as long as there are no new dependancies. - Feb 08 2007
You're welcome ;) - Feb 08 2007

(exactly the same, i just changed the name)

By the way, I would have prefered a context menu to the sentence "go to left corner to change the theme", but it's just my mind. - Feb 07 2007
Use the rpm.

(see main description) - Feb 07 2007
Try my ebuild in the previous message ;)
And tell me if it's ok. - Feb 07 2007

You can add it to your download links if you like, before the comment disapears. - Feb 07 2007
This is a side effect when you don't have the buttons.
Run "make install" et launch it again.
There is a "make uninstall" ;) - Feb 05 2007
For buttons, you need to run from command line or there is a pb of path.
You can also make a shortcut and specify the working directory.

For covers, I sent a mail to the author with a proposition but he answered (quick, thanks ;)) that it may not work for all covers (seems to work for me).

If you want to try, download this : in the source directory and run "patch -p1 < amfs.diff".
Compile again and try. - Feb 04 2007
In the makefile, add "-I/opt/kde3/include" to your INCPATH.

You may have to add the directory to kdecore (use locate) to your LIBS var in the makefile too. - Feb 03 2007
For the shortcuts, I'm not so sure because my amarok shortcuts are still working when this app is running ;) - Feb 02 2007
BTW, I'm runing Gentoo ;) - Feb 02 2007
Yes, that's a f***** good idea!
I had to play a lot with the makefile to compile it.

- I used $(QTDIR).
- run /usr/qt/3/bin/qmake again.
- added :
-I/usr/kde/3.5/include in the INCPATH (there's no var such as $KDEDIR ?
- added : -L/usr/kde/3.5/lib

and then it compiled ;)

Question : I don't have the picture of the album like on your picture :'(

- Ideas :
>> ESC to quit (i used alt+f4)
>> change background

- After :
>> maybe a GUI for some options, like choose an Icon theme, disable screensaver (not so important for me, I don't use screensavers ^^).

Well, keep going! ;) - Feb 02 2007