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by tarma
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Oct 10 2019
Hi, check github there is instructions how to install theme. - Oct 12 2019
Hi, I don't use those apps. So, I can't tell you where to replace icons. Just try to look in install folder and you will find. - Sep 30 2019
App icons are in korla/apps.scalable - Sep 26 2019
I know that you have been requesting for a long time. And it's not much that I can do, these icons are hard coded in software. I made those icons long time ago, and they are in the theme. And I don't know the way how to override software's hard coded icons to show themes icons. - Sep 25 2019
All icons are in the theme except Alink Creator. Can you provide icon name and website? - Sep 24 2019
Can you download latest commit from GitHub and check if it now works? - Sep 23 2019
And the location is /home/.local/share/icons ? - Sep 23 2019
Hi, I can't recreate this issue. On my Solus and PopOS works fine. Tried in VM Fedora and xfce (xubuntu) with nautilus - everything is fine. My way of using I just put theme in user folder. Can you tell what distribution and desktop environment you using and how did you installed. You can also try to update cache and reboot.
- Sep 23 2019
Hi, You can temporary switch to another icon theme. Then delete icons in korla/places/scalable and copy icons you want to places/scalable/ . Just look where icons are and put other icons to same place. Hope it helps.
You can also update cache. - Sep 22 2019
Thank you for providing images, it makes things to do easier.
I fixed 'switch user' icon. Create folder icon is good on my VM (check latest commits from github). 'Terminal' and 'Desktop settings' I would not like to change. Only icon that bothers me is 'Create Launcher...' - I don't know how to name it. You dont' like those icons becouse they are not symbolic? If yes I have no ide why xfce using icons from App folder. - Aug 31 2019
Yes, indeed, it doesn't work. Strange, that just this one button. I don't use Cinnamon, I hope someone from mint community will help on this. - Aug 03 2019
Thanks for helping on this but can you check one more time :)
I did mistake naming rhel to rehl... - Jul 26 2019
Well could you check last time? I made all icons with redhat name - Jul 26 2019
Ok, I made same icons as fedora has just with name rehl. If rehl will not work I will make with redhat. Check latest commit on githube - Jul 26 2019
Which icon theme works? Lets say "Papirus", does it show correct icon? - Jul 26 2019
Thanks for reporting this. I added some rehl/redhat icons. You can check if everything is fine in new commit from github. - Jul 25 2019
If you prefer old folder icons, you can get them here:
Replace them in korla/places/scalable/ - Jul 23 2019
If you are copied in correct folder, now you can try to change icon theme. Every desktop environment has different ways to do this. Just try to google, how it's done in your desktop environment. - Jul 22 2019
Yes, these are really nice :) - Jun 22 2019
Thank you Everyone for your support :) ! - Jun 20 2019
Works for me. Downloaded from here applied on two machines and also in VM's everything works. - May 15 2019
Hi, works for me on Kubuntu, Ubuntu Budgie and Solus Budgie. Did not tested on other systems. - May 15 2019
Theme is on github. And there is aur repository.
Regarding "action" icons: well this is how I started this theme. Didn't liked something and started to mix icons ;) - Apr 01 2019
Did you tried to put icons to $HOME/.local/share/icons/ ?
This theme is being tested on KDE and it works. I tried on VM and everything is fine. - Mar 29 2019
Thanks! - Mar 28 2019
Thank You! - Mar 28 2019
Thanks! - Mar 28 2019
Thank You! - Mar 28 2019
I changed those icons. You can download theme from github. - Mar 11 2019
:) is it Italian? Could you repeat in english. Something about contacts? - Mar 10 2019
Check on github latest commit (no release) - Feb 17 2019
Checked on Xubuntu there is warning about cache, but works. However there is problem with white panel some icons still white, same on budgie but different icons. I have no idea how to make it work (this is Panel and Action icons, but if you check them in text editor, they are correct). I will remove this light theme in next release. - Feb 16 2019
It doesn't worked for me with cache. Without cache ok (on Budgie). Maybe this light theme won't work the way I did :/ - Feb 16 2019
Aur package is maintained by other person. Giusy Digital:
Hopefully he will make it soon. - Feb 16 2019
Works for me - Jan 28 2019
Check 0.8.4 version if it's been fixed - Jan 27 2019
I've never used xfce. If you could tell how icon is called, I could make it. - Jan 27 2019
Made icons for flac, wav, mp3. Did not updated here, if You want to check them download from github. - Dec 15 2018
Ok, I'll see what I can do. - Dec 15 2018
I have not tested on plasma. I will when I have time. - Dec 09 2018
It's too complicated for me. I'm artist so... Anyway pushed some buttons, something was created, hope it works :) - Dec 08 2018
Hi, I opened git: - Dec 08 2018
Ok I figured out how to make repository. Is it right way to update: I replace new folder with changes. Then updating in terminal:
git add korla/\*
git commit -m "v 0.0.0"
git push -u origin master
Is it right way? Any mistakes?
git link: - Dec 08 2018
Some folks suggested to make git, but it's out of my competence. Sorry. - Dec 07 2018
Rely appreciate Your help :)! Updated index file in v 0.7.7

Mabye You know how icons made in status folder. They are dark (but in interface- light) grey, but when I make ikon that colour they stay dark. I tried with caffeine icons... - Dec 07 2018
Contacts, calculator, openjdk, dvd95 are present. Simpe-scan.svg is present or it should be simplescan.svg? Added gimagereader.svg - Dec 07 2018
Thank you! I'm not experienced on technical side. I see panel up to 128. Maybe You could share index file and I will re upload theme. - Dec 07 2018

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Oct 09 2019
10 the best - Jul 02 2019
Korla folders/places

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by tarma
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Jun 25 2019
Thanks! - Jun 22 2019
Green in gray


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Mar 26 2013
+ - Dec 14 2018

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by x-varlesh-x

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Jul 02 2019


Sep 23 2019

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by wfpaisa

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9   Aug 28 2018
+ Nice, I realy like your icons (except folder icons :) )!