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by sp1
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Dec 16 2010
thanks for the comment.

I noticed they changed how the HTML and CSS works in pop-ups in beta. I hoped it was a bug and they had fixed it; In the mean while I have been looking into working around it, but haven't had much luck yet.

I've put some changes in the CVS to fix icons, but the notifications don't show text still. I currently don't have a 4.4.3 testing environment yet, but I am working on it :S - Jun 01 2010
so true, forgot about that. I'll see to it that it gets updated. I should be a credit to you :D - Mar 27 2010
thanks for the Ru update.

Yeah, I don't seem to be able to work that one out with the notification window. Sometimes they do size up correctly, sometimes the text just overflows. I've tried to add scrollbars in many different ways, but as it seems, not every CSS is supported in tooltips - scrollbars included...

As you may also have noticed:
* the realm load and type are not centered, as in the plasmoid
* The 'yellow' color does not display correctly
* The notification pop-up does not always size up correctly
* Scrollbars do not show

This is unfortunately how the tooltip is implemented. But as long as you are notified of downtime, the full text should be available in the tooltip.

The CVS version has your Russian update, as well as a fix to hide the tooltip message if there is nothing to report. - Mar 24 2010

I've found what you meant and fixed it. I was expecting EU or US from the pull-down menu, not the translated text. I fixed this - thanks for the report :D - Mar 23 2010
That was quick! :D

I've added the translation. But for some reason I can't evaluate it by running the plasmoid with a different LANG environment anymore... strange. Hope it's not a bug :D


I present:

3.1.1 : Italian language support - Mar 23 2010
That would be great!

I've added an Italian translation file in the CVS version (You can download that one from my website, just go to 'link')

My contact information can be found in the translation '.po' file, which is found in


This file should eventually have translations like this:

#: contents/code/
msgid "Problem creating directory:"
msgstr "Problema creazione di directory:"

(thank you google translator ;)

If anyone else is interested in translating for me, just send me the '.po' file. And starting a translation for a language that is not yet supported is just a matter of copying the en.po file and start translating.

Thanks! - Mar 23 2010
And I would almost forget

Thanks for all your help, not only with the translation. Everything past version 1.0 is pretty much driven by (your) feedback and support. - Mar 23 2010
Hey Rin,

I could not confirm this bug. I regularly change regions and realm names while testing - even starting without previous configurations.

I did, however, change the behavior to require configuration if it's a fresh applet, and setting the size to something reasonable for the amount of realms listed. Hope this helps :)

I have decided that the current development version has so many improvements that I should release it. Mainly for the pop-up information and some bug/annoyance fixes. - Mar 23 2010
Yeah, I think there is a thread depth limit

Anyway, I fixed some bugs. The .notifyrc file was not written correctly with all the translations and the config UI translations were not yet included. It's up on my webpage (including a new screenshot)

I've made some changes - perhaps you can rewrite my shot at some left-over translations :D I'm sure it's terrible :)

PS: I'm currently waiting for my KDE language settings to finish switching to Russian, so I can verify the KNotify translations... Hope I can find my way back to English :D - Mar 20 2010

I've updated the 3.0 version with your translation. I noticed I forgot to both internationalize a few strings in the code and to extract a few others - so there's still some translation work left. Mainly the configuration dialog is affected...

A note on the translation:
The from_alliance, to_horde, etc. are used in the notification with the opposite meaning, like so:

from_alliance = '(Alliance) To'
as in
'From <my realm> Alliance side, to:' <transfer realm list>

I did that wrong in the English and Dutch version too, so the screenshot currently still says

Runetotem [icon] (Alliance) From: Vek'nilash, Chamber of Aspects

while it is actually Runetotem that gets to transfer TO Vek'nilash and Chamber of Aspects. My bad... - Mar 19 2010
do you think you can look at the German translation files in the pre-release on my website? I've tried using Google translation and my limited understanding of German, but I'm pretty sure some of the fancier words that looked cool are completely wrong - I just wish I knew what they meant :D - Mar 19 2010
Ooophs, my bad

The .mo files are 'compiled' translation files. I forgot to include the original .po files, since they are not part of a usual distribution. I've updated on my site to include the .po files. This should be a lot easier for you to work with.

These are basically human readable text files and contain my contact information for when you're finished.

Thanks for all your help! :D - Mar 19 2010
I've created a pre-release 3.0 version which is available on my site. I won't post this on yet, because the translations still need work.

The 3.0 version should be fully functional (including source / destination list for Free Character Moves). Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to resize to the last width,height on startup. Remembering was easy, but self.resize(width,hight) does not work for some reason :(

For those interested in translating, feel free to contact me. - Mar 18 2010
I never imagined that this little plasmoid would be considered very useful by other people, but I'm honored by a small and international community :D I shall take my responsibility

I've looked into Python's internationalization module and it doesn't seem too hard. I always assumed I could fake translations by reusing the already translated realm names and alert messages, but I completely forgot the configuration window.

As soon as I have moved all text to the default dictionary, I'd love your help with at least the Russian translations. These will probably be '.po' translation files as supported by KBabel and similar tools. But a text editor may suffice :) - Mar 18 2010
I think the default size should just be something sane and I think it currently is good enough. What does need to be fixed is remembering size and location upon reloading the plasmoid. You should not have to resize the widget every time you log-in.

I consider this a bug and I'll try to fix this in the next version. Then nobody has to "configure" the size, besides placement and sizing as you would do with any newly loaded plasmoid widget. - Mar 18 2010
I downloaded the latest version from correctly. So assuming you upgraded the applet version using 'Get hot new stuff' from the Plasma widget selector, there might be an issue with updating this way. Perhaps one of the KDE Plasma coders can look into this.


ahum... anyway, I'll do my best to post new screenshots on my website to illustrate the new changes.

A few thinks should be immediately noticeable:

* new icons left of the realm name:
...1) (Faction specific) Realm Transfer icons if a monitored realm is eligible for Free Character Moves.
...2) A 'clock' icon when Regular maintenance is announced.
...3) A 'warning' icon when downtime is announced and the monitored realm is mentioned in the report.

* new KNotification settings for the plasmoid in the KDE notification settings.

* new passive pop-ups notifying of expected downtime alerts and realm transfers openings for monitored realms.

Currently, these pop-ups do not close automatically - to allow more than 5 seconds to read the announcement. This is also the reason why the pop-ups are suppressed when the plasmoid starts (e.g. new log-in). - Mar 17 2010
In the mean while, version 2.1 includes alert notifications, but I'm not entirely thrilled about how they currently behave. I could use some user feedback if you feel like some behavior could use some tweaking.

Also, the 'detection' of relevant information, such as free realm transfers and general or specific downtime is probably incomplete. If you did not receive a notification you expected or received an inaccurate notification, please cut&paste the alert text and your realm name so I can see to it that the text is 'understood'.

The languages I probably need most help at are Russian, Spanish, French and, to an extend, German.

TYI! :D - Mar 17 2010
Thanks for the feedback. I'll set the new default to your suggestion for the next version.

I never noticed the default size problem, but the plasmoid appears to forget it's size at a reload/login indeed. I'll see to it that that's corrected. - Mar 17 2010
Hey R,

in the content/code/ the function

def init(self):

contains the initial size settings. They depend on what 'mode' or 'location' the plasmoid is in: Desktop or Panel. As in

location <= 2 = Desktop / Seperate window
location 3 and 4 = top / bottom panel
location 5 and 6 = left / right panel


if self.location() <= 2:
self.resize(340, 140)
if self.location() == 3 or self.location() == 4:
self.resize(20, 40)
if self.location() == 5 or self.location() == 6:
self.resize(40, 20)
- Mar 16 2010
In the mean while...

If anyone is desperate for this information and can't wait until I've added it to the applet:

1) There are applets that simply display webpages
2) There are applets that show RSS feeds, so you could add:
- Mar 05 2010
Found it :) - Mar 05 2010
Found it :) - Mar 05 2010
That's not a bad idea, but I have a few questions:

First off, does anyone know if there's something similar for the US & Oceanic realms? They get messages like these from the Realm Forums at - and it may take me some time to get those embedded into the applet.

For the EU messages I can detect the desired language from the monitored servers, preferring English if such realm is watched and otherwise the majority language.

But, the text file is pretty big, so a pop-up might get annoyingly big... Would it be OK to only have a little icon that links to the page if it contains a message about your realm is available?

Or do these messages also provide non-realm specific information you'd like to be informed of? - Mar 05 2010
I didn't get to see the screenshot (404), but I noticed that the download version from 'Get New Stuff' was still the old 1.0 code and it messes up the server name big time. I made the config reading/writing more sturdy and changed the file name to include a version number.

Currently I'm still get an old version when I 'update' my applet, but I think that's due to caching or 'Get New Stuff' only periodically updating the download list - it still says 338 downloads, while says 340.

Give it a day, or download the zip directly from my website. I've added a link to a wow-realmstatus page on my site - a special page for my Russian friend out there :) You can even see a screenshot that your server name works with the newest version! :D - Mar 04 2010
There, I fixed it :D

I hope ^_^

Thank you for your feedback - allowing me to improve this little applet. If you find any quirks, don't hesitate to report.

Thanks! - Feb 25 2010
This is probably due to a combination of python regular expressions and the encoding needed for the Russian alphabet. I haven't noticed the issue, because I only play on US servers.

I will look into this - it should just work for anybody. My appologies. - Feb 19 2010

We have encountered some delays and the maintenance has been extended for all realms. We currently expect all realms to be playable by approximately 2:00pm PDT.

Thank you for your patience.

this - Sep 01 2009
Hey people

Thank you for your positive votes. I hope this plasmoid will help ease your nerves on those dreadful patch days.

If you notice anything can be improved (lots of room for it), please come back and drop some information here.

Thank you and enjoy!
sp1 - Aug 21 2009
World of Warcraft Realm Status

System Software 2 comments

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Dec 08 2009

One suggestion I received from my user base was to include information from realm alerts:

US & Oceanic:


Have fun! - Mar 17 2010
Hey, nice app.

For the EU realms you can take a look at:

It's a KDE plasma app, but it can notify for EU realms as well as US.

Good luck! - Sep 10 2009