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Louai Al-Khanji Oulu, Finland/Beirut, Lebanon

Audio Apps by slougi 3 comments

Phonon is indeed a part of Qt since 4.4. I explicitly mention the version in the README - there is no way I can see of secifying it on the site. - Nov 16 2008

Video Apps by slougi 6 comments

Hmm yes. I'll look into it. Thing is, i use max os x style toolbars (only one at the top of the screen), so in that case it looks a bit weird because there will be just empty space there.

I guess the correct thing is to wait to see if KDE4 will even support that setting, and in that case detect whether it is enabled and show or hide the menubar accordingly. Currently the menubar is correctly embedded in KDE3 sessions. - Nov 01 2007

Video Apps by slougi 6 comments

Thanks for the feedback. :-)

Yes, there are a few features I plan to add:

DVD & VCD support (using solid for disk discovery, so you get prompted only when there actually is a disk present)
external subtitle once available via phonon (from what i gather this will be in 4.1)
remember which file was playing and at what position (like codeine)

What other things are you looking for specifically? - Oct 10 2007
KDE4 bubbles

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by maniaco 5 comments

Nice images =) any chance of bigger versions? I'm currently using a 1920x1200 screen. - Aug 03 2007
The Blacy

Emoticons by slougi 7 comments

that's domino. - Apr 23 2007
The Blacy

Emoticons by slougi 7 comments

Perhaps :) I use a pretty high resolution myself, so the size is good for me. You can just untar the archive, resize the icons yourself, repack it and then install the icons. Of course you can also upload it to kde-look then for others to use. - Apr 23 2007

Cursors by slougi 6 comments

It's not my work, all credit to jimmac.

I just posted it here :) - Mar 26 2007