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Simon Bell , United Kingdom
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KDM3 Themes

KDM3 Themes 18 comments

by simoo
Score 46.0%
Feb 11 2008
Unfortunately I don't think KDE 4's version of KDM is backwards compatible. - Sep 01 2008
No problem :) I love the simplicity and clarity or your original design, suppose we have the Fedora team to thank too, but that's what's so great about open source! - Feb 26 2008
Hia :) glad you like it. The simplest way would be for you to convert your .svg to a .png then what you have suggested already should work. - Feb 19 2008
Cheers, I had originally thought it would be best if I could remove the white boxes but what you suggest maybe what it needs... I'll have a play soon! - Feb 12 2008
Cheers, glad you like it :)

It would be good to have some attractive, 'generic' themes bundled with KDM. It would give people the option to choose between them and the distro specific ones. There are situations where no 'advertising' on the login screen is better.

So how do we put it forward?
- Feb 06 2008
Really sorry about that, the place I normally upload my files to is down for a bit. As soon as it's up I'll put another link to it. If you want to message me your email I'll gladly mail it to you. - Feb 05 2008
PCLINUXOS - Palmlets

KDM3 Themes 10 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 24 2008
Thanks man, didn't mean any bad feelings by it. It was late and I was tired! I wasn't demanding you credit me, (but thanks) just like to see the licenses adhered too. - Feb 24 2008
Try just using this one and changing the background - Feb 24 2008
I may be wrong but my guess is this isn't entirely your own work - which is absolutely fine. However, if you use someone else's work that was originally under a GPL license do you not have to credit the origial artist/author? - Feb 23 2008
The Blacy

Emoticons 7 comments

Score 63.3%
Mar 25 2007
Great job, these are fab :| - Jan 30 2008
OS-K icons

Full Icon Themes 155 comments

by simoo
Score 58.2%
Sep 11 2007
Hmmm... cheers. I got that icon from the Breathless set and it is labeled:

"Some icons are GPL, other Artistic 2.0"

And I'm sure it is in another set labeled GPL, anyway...

I have had my suspicions about peoples licensing around here so I'll look into it.
- Jan 21 2008
Thank you guys :) Really glad you like the set.

Best wishes,

Simon - Nov 10 2007
Hi there :)

Glad you like them! Sorry the instructions for installing are not very comprehensive. Try "Install a new theme" and browse to the downloaded, still compressed, icon set. That should do it.


Simon - Sep 23 2007
Thanks, let me know if you think I can improve them :)

Simon - Sep 12 2007
You should be fine to download them now. With regards to the size, I am thinking about putting up a set just comprising of essential KDE icons(which should bring the size down a bit) as well. Oh and I believe Filecrunch supports resuming.

Thanks - Sep 11 2007
I know, they're not great but I really can't do anything else at the moment (although I would like to in the future). If you're serious about hosting these files that would be great, thank you very much. Let me know what I need to do.

Simon - Sep 03 2007
Thank you :) - Sep 03 2007
Sorry, should be alright now. - Sep 03 2007
Cheers for the feedback, I kinda know what you mean and will keep an open mind for an alternative. - Sep 02 2007
Sorry, and sorry I didn't answer your email yet. I have just been really busy and keep getting let down by the people hosting my files. I will do my best to get things up again soon.

Thanks :)
- Sep 02 2007
Getting a Torrent set up is a great idea. I'll see what I can do...

Cheers :) - Aug 20 2007
No problem, thanks for the service :) - Aug 12 2007
Thanks :) I am going to revise the kmail ones for the next release.

Simon - Aug 08 2007
No problem :) thank you.

1. I don't think the link is broken as I am able to use it. I believe you need cookies enabled though, can you check that?

2. Sure, I'm not sure when it will be (hopefully not too long) but I will revise these icons for the next release. They were very early creations of mine.

3. hmmm... try the new release. It might be icons I have not created replacements for so the defaults are being used. If not, give me an example.


Simon - Aug 08 2007
I have just tried and it seems to be up (although slow, for which I apologize). Do you have cookies enabled? - Aug 08 2007
Cheers, I agree. I kinda wanted to suggest it was private but maybe the lock is not quite right. I will change it for the next release. - Jul 29 2007
Of course, so sorry I missed you out. Fantastic trash icon! Thanks. - Jul 29 2007
Thank you :) I will. - Jul 16 2007
Thank you, it's great to get a comment like that. Cheers for the info on hosts too I will try those soon as I get a chance. - Jul 09 2007
Try enabling cookies, that worked for him. The link was for the last version, that host won't let me upload over 100meg so no good for 1.1. A couple of people have kindly suggested others, so I will try and get another up soon. - Jul 09 2007
no problem :) glad it worked for you. I am planning on getting a build kit back up sometime. - Jul 08 2007
The icons in all the sets are the same except for a few disto specific icons such as 'adept' for Kubuntu or 'redhat-config' etc. in the Fedora set. Also the kmenu and go_kde icons are changed to match the distributions logos where as in the standard set they are the KDE logo.

I would like to get a build set up but unfortunately because of a few changes I have made (mainly due to larger actions) the script no longer works properly. When I have time to fix the script I will get a build set back up.

Thanks for the comments :)

Simon - Jul 08 2007
There will be another version soon as I have had quite a bit of spare time recently, it will be fixed in that :) - Jul 06 2007
I recently added another mirror, does that work for you?

With regard to fixing it, there is nothing I can do. It works for me and most people. All I can do is find other places to host it, which I am trying to do. Maybe try a different browser? - Jul 05 2007
Could you tell me what icon set gives you the kopete animation? - Jul 04 2007
I meant that to be a smiley face, I'm not sad... honest! - Jul 04 2007
ok, I'll sort it. Cheers guys :) - Jul 04 2007
Im sorry about that, I will find another host for them asap - Jul 02 2007
Thank you, I'm really glad you like them :)

Yup, I completely messed up with the Gentoo set! I have uploaded a new one (same link) which will have the 'G' for the kmenu - thanks for pointing it out.

With regards to the kopete icon, could you explain further? Where abouts on kopete does/should it appear?

Thanks again

Simon - Jul 02 2007
I was on 81% with my last version. I updated to this one, adding more icons, new art work etc. and I seem to be dropping, down to 78% at one point. Thats a lot of people voting bad!

If you have the time, you liked the set before but don't now, drop me a comment so I know why.

Cheers - Jul 02 2007
You just have to wait 15 secs then click the download link. - Jul 02 2007
Whats wrong? It seems to work when I try. - Jul 02 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes 8 comments

by simoo
Score 50.0%
Nov 22 2007
What distribution if Linux are you using? - Nov 24 2007
Thanks :) and thanks for the buttons! - Nov 22 2007

The icon theme is OS-K, there isn't a Gnome version yet but it has been something I have been thinking about doing.

Glad you like the theme :)

Simon - Sep 27 2007
The background is called 'Harrowdown Hill' by an artist called americanpsycho on DeviantART.

Simon - Sep 27 2007
Grounation (developers version)

Cursors 9 comments

by moshi
Score 53.3%
Sep 16 2007
Thanks for the great cursors,

why do I sometimes get the old style pointer hand and sometimes your nice one?

eg. holding the mouse over an icon turns the pointer back to the old pointing hand.


Simon - Sep 26 2007

Nature 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Sep 08 2007
Nice pic. - Sep 22 2007
UbuntuStudio Emerald

Beryl/Emerald Themes 24 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 05 2007
It is such a breath of fresh air to get a theme NOT trying to look like Vista!

Thanks, I love the big buttons.

Simon - Sep 11 2007
Black-White'n'Green Beauty

KDE 3 Color Schemes 12 comments

by greoj
Score 50.0%
Jan 26 2006
I Love this color theme, keep coming back to it. Thanks. - Jul 18 2007