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andy purugganan Miami, United States of America

E Animated Backgrounds by triki1 5 comments

Very rare for me to use an animated background but now that I have upgraded hardware, I am glad to have stumbled upon--and installed on Sparky linux, this wonderful piece from triki1. Thank you for sharing! - Jul 21 2017
Mickey Penguins theme

E Modules by triki1 4 comments

OMG LOL Hey mickey! Thank you triki1 for sharing. I should run or load the module when everybody is so serious at work =] - Jul 01 2017
E17 simple grey

E Enlightenment Backgrounds by marcos1976 1 comment

This is very nice for a first background, I will put it on my new Dell laptop that I bought recently from eBay at a $99 bargain =) so your first background that you designed will be my first wallpaper because I use only e17 from elive, and I also donated to elive team so that they can enjoy a free afternoon drink or snack (from the U.S.). Thank you for making and sharing this! - Nov 02 2016
Rhubarb and Custard

Enlightenment Themes by commandlinegamer 2 comments

Thank you for this theme; like you i usually stick to brighter coffee colors instead of the "usual" darker hues of gray blue and black. Thanks for sticking out fpr the est of us =) - Sep 25 2016
Infinity Dark Conky Theme

Conky by reveng 7 comments

instead of 'force people to use linux' your task has been altered to 'let people see this conky and let them know it's linux' - Sep 25 2016
Elive default theme

Enlightenment Themes by Duma 4 comments

Thank you Duma for updating, and sharing this. - Sep 21 2016

Enlightenment Themes by rpil 2 comments

Thank you rpil for this theme; happy to say it works on the new elive beta 2.5! - Jan 03 2015

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37 7 comments

Thank you for updating this, it is absolutely gorgeous with the grays and BW gtk theme. My favorite desktop is still looking better and better, thanks to topnotch work by artists like you :) - Oct 13 2014

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37 8 comments

Sure, check out this and when i install in .e/e/themes, it looks more like Black and White. I had to use an old saved Vision2 to get to my desktop - Dec 23 2012

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37 8 comments

Hi agust, somehow it's pulling the dark V3 instead of the light one shown in the screenshot. A mixup perhaps? - Dec 21 2012
VLT DeepDark

VLC Skins by Steva 26 comments

Hello, this is an awesome skin! Would it be possible to have a slim or mini mode where we have only the playback controls visible? (volume and fullscreen, equalizer and playlist can always be viewed in normal mode) That way your skin beats everyone, hands down. - Nov 10 2012
Cracked Earth

E Animated Backgrounds by Duma 2 comments

Thank you Duma for making old things new again! More choices is always good! Now to start a live session... - Nov 10 2012

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37 5 comments

Am running it on bodhi 2.1 live disc and wanted to let you know, it's still AWESOME! 5 stars! - Sep 13 2012

E Animated Backgrounds by M1C4HTRON13 4 comments

It seems that it dropped all punctuation in the URL. Drops to my ISP's search on midori and FF on 2 different boxes. Help me Obi Wan :-) - Sep 13 2012

Enlightenment Themes by e17forever 4 comments

Is there another link available, mediafire informs me the download is for windows... - Sep 11 2012
A-BlingBling 0.17.1

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37 14 comments

Happy Birthday, verdega and thanks for making it new again! - Nov 06 2011
New Millenium

Enlightenment Themes by ZaZo0o 4 comments

I always use the Invisible theme on pagers. I make thumbnails of the wall so that when the two are combined I can make them behave like e16 pagers:

And that is why I am asking ZaZoOo to fix it on her awesome theme. Please ZaZoOo you are my only hope T_T - Dec 07 2010
New Millenium

Enlightenment Themes by ZaZo0o 4 comments

but the white on the pager (even with 'Invisible'), do you think it can be made gray instead? Any shade of gray, or even dark green in this case, would be fine. I hope it is trivial for you. - Dec 05 2010
Grey and orange

E Enlightenment Backgrounds by maria4955 4 comments

Here is a GTK theme that goes well with it; I've had it for a long time

- Dec 03 2010
Black Diamond

Enlightenment Themes by gefarion 5 comments

Hmm It is saying 'Cannot import, are you sure it is a valid edj file?'

Any of you guys tried it in Topaz? I had ecomorph running too.

It looks very slick! - Oct 14 2010
A-New-Egypt A.D

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37 1 comment

BTW credit should be given to pixelcatalyst who did the original model for the background. has a description.

Still a beautiful theme man, as always! - Oct 04 2010

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37 5 comments

Hi, it's me (also from the forums). Is that Thunar to the left of the clock? I can't seem to make it appear like that; I still get the right side in white (with the large icon display). Is there a trick to it? The Gtk theme works well even with iceweasel. Now I want it to look more like your desktop - Aug 17 2010
Transparent Gkrellm

GKrellM by Bloot 8 comments

...and if I play with my backgrounds, I can make it HAVE a color =)

Maybe you can post some tips to change the green/red combo colors in the graphs on this page? Like if I wanted red on dk grey, etc.

But hey, you got MY vote! Thanks for sharing, and yes, it works for me perfectly! - Jan 27 2010
Just Debian

E Animated Backgrounds by seraphyn 12 comments

oh its even better than i thought! I thought it was just rotating clockwise, but it spins like a globe =) in awesome 3d!

(Boy I just clicked on this guy's animated gif, after so many years. Talk about too lazy to click on a link!) - Jan 24 2010
Garden beauty

Wallpaper Other by Lemonade 1 comment

I think the first one would work, even without the green highlights. Like a 'coffee' or 'mocha' version.

- Oct 23 2009
...are always good! Especially in e!

Thank you for sharing, you got my vote! - Oct 20 2009
A-BlingBling 0.17.1

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37 14 comments

I agree verdega, this is sweet.

BTW, the dA screenshot, what is the skin for xmms that you used?

Thank you for the theme! - Aug 27 2009
Fake Brushed Metal

Enlightenment Themes by bgc1954 6 comments

...that i'd prepare another version with YOUR OWN max, min, and close buttons.

But the GIMP still having its own 80s era interface/widgets sucks big time. You should have someone (like yourself) make up a gtk skin or etk skin to match the theme. THe effect is so jarring that you know you will wind up with a half-baked wannabee theme.

And something as good as this deserves a uniform skin treatment all throughout the desktop.

But thanks for sharing! You're spot on when you said, well you can choose NOT to download it heh - Dec 07 2008
Rock Solid 2

Bootsplash Various by geminiguy 2 comments

It'd be interesting if those little 'pegs' pop up like a progress bar of some sort...

- Feb 12 2008

Enlightenment Themes by sda 22 comments

Thanks SDA for bringing this to e17! Been a fan of it from way back. Please also send a note to guys that the theme has been resurrected! There hasn't been news there lately; I'm sure this is more than welcome! - Nov 27 2007
Imago (ex BlackTheme)

Enlightenment Themes by ZaZo0o 38 comments

I agree with the poster above, you have several themes already. You've given us more choices. Put in a line that says, like e17, it's a work in progress, so there may be a few bumps here and there. Some folks out there may be able to assist if you were inclined to ask.

(Personally I can't install anything GTK; it hates me I think, and I've messed up GNOME seriously here. *sigh*) - Sep 23 2007

E Animated Backgrounds by sylvoo 2 comments

Does this mean I set it myself, or will the edj/edc autodetect and run accordingly? - Aug 25 2007
Just Debian

E Animated Backgrounds by seraphyn 12 comments

Maybe you have the right combination CPU+graphics card so it uses little CPU. Does glxinfo show 'direct render' as Yes, for example, which means work is done by GPU on the graphics card.

BTW Seraphyn where can I go to start learning about e17's creating your own animated backgrounds? - Aug 19 2007

Enlightenment Themes by Ndjee 6 comments

for a second theme!

I think the gtk i have is 2.10 so it keeps me from running 2.4 gtk's or so. Any idea what this one runs on? - Aug 13 2007

E Enlightenment Backgrounds by shedied 2 comments

Thank you seraphyn but most of the credit should go to vandango, phiedrich, koch for the original theme, rgm501 for The Bride and not to mention Un-divine DOT deviantart DOT com for the top bar

Thanks again for the comment Seraphyn! - Aug 13 2007

KDE 3 Color Schemes by chammy 1 comment

me too, can't stand bright wallpapers either. This is good enough for my root's desktop (KDE). THanks for sharing! - Jul 10 2007
Tattoo's Girl

Bootsplash Various by aimara 13 comments

Would prefer to see an animated progress bar worthy of the background. Need your help aimara, maybe you can outline a dragon for me, if not i will google images for dragon tattoos. Leave the rest to me, but would appreciate your input. After all, it is your artwork, and I would love to see consistency in the style. - Jul 02 2007
Tattoo's Girl

Bootsplash Various by aimara 13 comments

OMG! I have an idea that I guarantee will make your progress bar absolutely ROCK! email me at she_died AT yahoo DOT com, if u look at my Raiders you will get what I mean. - Jul 01 2007
Tattoo's Girl

Bootsplash Various by aimara 13 comments

Very impressive, now I have to make a tough choice: do I ditch the bootsplash that I use (my own Raiders)?

Grrrr (applauding at the same time for the concept) and I had a splash that was sooo close, you wouldn't believe it: - Jun 30 2007
Cup of KDE

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by runlevel6 4 comments

The black in the background could be mocha or coffee colored or even a dark red, and it would be a nice pack of walls of our preferred beverage :)

I *DO* like how you did the cup, so enticing - Dec 10 2006

Bootsplash Various by shedied 8 comments

Thanks Janet! Hope your installation was easy! Have to confess, since I made it, I keep shutting down and rebooting simply to watch - Oct 08 2006

Bootsplash Various by shedied 8 comments

sorry I had trouble figuring out how to fill the form. But you can go fetch it straight from

Thanks! - Oct 07 2006

Enlightenment Themes
by verdegal37

Oct 13 2014
Jul 29 2011

E Enlightenment Backgrounds
by FluX_double

Oct 08 2010

Enlightenment Themes
by verdegal37

9   Mar 13 2012
New Millenium

Enlightenment Themes
by ZaZo0o

9   Dec 08 2010
Grey and orange

E Enlightenment Backgrounds
by maria4955

9   Dec 03 2010