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sekou sekou

Cursors by KuduK 1 comment

Thank you for porting all these cursor themes.Great work! - Oct 13 2009
VLC media player

Video Players by kempfjb 4 comments

Strange that feedback on such good app is so small. I like it so big thanks. - Sep 14 2009
Hello, I am currently using qtcurve 0.67.5 with window gradient. I really like it, however I discovered that it visibly slows down applications. I compared qtcurve to oxygen (which also uses window gradient), and oxygen doesn't slow down. Example: moving mouse cursor over dolphin's places (the hover has really big lag) or delayed hover over files icons. I hope it's because of early state of development of this feature:) And yes my computer is old: celeron4 1,7, 768mb ram. And here are my requests: popup-menu custom color, and sunken lines of groupboxes (and other lines too). Thanks:) - Sep 08 2009
Device Manager

Plasma 4 Extensions by giucam 175 comments

Here is the direct link for version 1.0.1:

OR browse whole directory (i586): - Aug 10 2009
Gaia Recycled

Plasma Themes by jmtodaro 16 comments

Very stylish and innovative, the green details make this theme very oryginal. Its no doubt best theme for me. I only wonder if the panels would not look better with this green stripe on the other side of panel? Now it's not so visible.
BIG thanks for sharing your work:D - Aug 05 2009
qtcurve was my favorite style for KDE3 (thanks) but what i would like to see in KDE4 is whole window gradient like in oxygen and bespin (middle up part is lighter). Is this possible in the near future? - Jun 19 2009
Eee plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by cfraz89 22 comments

it would be a good idea to add caps-lock status notifier because eees don't have them. it will look good on the panel. - Jun 07 2009

Plasma Themes by ivancukic 14 comments

for me one of the greatest themes, thanx for sharing - Apr 25 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions by giucam 323 comments

hey thanx for sharing your plasmoid:)
i could use it but it lacks for me some very important options. Basically I would like to use it on panel. So here are my ideas:
1. allow user to change number of rows where the information are displayed (now it looks like it depends on size of used font).
2. allow user to choose which information to display and what spaces between them (artist[space]song[space]album)
3. maybe (when on panel) the information (artist, album, song, time) could be just in one string for nice auto-scrolling
4. another option - control buttons always visible when docking in panel (on the left or right)?
5. switch track with mouse wheel is good enough:)
6. progress bar on/off would be nice
7. Generally - more, more options:) - Feb 20 2009