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Graphic Apps 49 comments

by sars
Score 77.8%
Oct 31 2016
I've found the following product, what brings features that would be very nice for skanlite :

cloud integration (google drive, dropbox)
multipage (drag and drop pages to se the order)
pdf export to file and cloud... - Apr 26 2012
I like kde so much, but there are some important apps missing, and for very long time.
No proper scanning app with multipage since kooka, no reliable, stable full integrated browser (rekonq is not yet an alternative...)
It really anoying using gtk apps, that are not well integrated to the desktop. I'm not a good dev, so I'm searching a way of boosting kde ergonomy and adding missing features... - Mar 16 2012
Would you think about making it for money ? - Mar 11 2012
Is there a roadmap for skanlite development ?

I'd like to know if multipage support is planed ? and pdf output...

I'm fed up using gtk programs for that...
Is there a way to make a donation action, for all people that wan't that features, to pay for the dev ? - Feb 28 2011
Eee plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 22 comments

Score 77.7%
Jul 05 2009
I though if the command in /sys are not the same, perhaps it could be configured with the widget configuration... - Sep 19 2009
Hi, this plasmoid is what I'm searching for.
Could you adapt it for all laptop ?

Could you tell me how to do that ? - Sep 19 2009

Security 7 comments

by mmutz
Score 46.0%
Jun 02 2008
I've installed the latest kde on Jaunty, an its the same for me, I can't use X.509 certificate, it says, that it is not supported in this version of kleopatra (2.0.5)
I've opened a bug by kde : - May 09 2009