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Greg Starr Thunder Bay, Canada

GTK2 Themes by scarrs 9 comments

If I'm not mistaken, the color scheme in the gtkrc file is from the Ubuntu 12.04.3 Human theme and very recently I pretty much replaced all the gtk3 code with what was in the Ubuntu 14.04 Ambiance theme and edited the main gtk colors to match the the Human colors.

So far I think it looks wonderful but I still have to recheck the colors in the body. I posted it anyways. The Development version has more of the Human theme's code in it and I may use it as the main download in the future mostly because the files are smaller, neater and load faster. Stay Tuned! - Feb 19 2016

GTK2 Themes by scarrs 9 comments

I changed my dev. enviornment to Arch linux. Same with my main OS. love it! - Oct 28 2015

GTK2 Themes by scarrs 9 comments

hey Jared,

Yes the theme looks good on MATE now. I had the panel set to 30 px and the icons in the notification area were larger than the other icons in the panel though. :( I reset the panel to 24 px and it looks fine now. Thank you for the edit you made to give a touch of padding around the icons in the panel. :) It's exactly what I wanted.

I will note though, that in my panel.rc I set the spacing to xthickness = 4 in the next release of the theme to make XFCE look almost exactly what GNOME looks like in Ubuntu 14.04 on my Slackware 14.1 desktop. To be honest, I think it looks even better and it's far more customizable than GNOME. However, when I switch over to the MATE desktop there is a few pixels of space on either side of the desktop switcher. I am assuming it's because of MATE's widget code.

If you can figure out a way to get rid of the pixels on the MATE desktop switcher and have a uniform icon size for all applets in the MATE panel the theme will be finished. I like the 4 pixel spacing better. I am searching... - Sep 16 2015
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GTK2 Themes by scarrs 2 comments

sorry, had to reboot. there is a screenshot now.

-the first screenshot is GNOME Classic in Ubuntu 14.04
-the second screenshot is XFCE in slackware 14.1 - Sep 03 2015

GTK2 Themes by scarrs 9 comments

That's not a bad idea man... we shall see what the future holds for all my Slackware friends!

BTW: The cool Applications Menu icon is not yet in the "Adwaita-Humanlooks" icon set included in the theme currently available for download...

I will be posting the theme again with two versions available for download... A-H with my "Adwaita-Humanlooks" icon set and A-H with my (latest) icon set born from gnome-dust... "Dust-Humanlooks"

hmmm... Maybe I will just post the icon sets as a separate download for people that just want to use the colors/taskbar and window borders. (prolly a better idea)

Cheers Bro, You Rock! And keep up the good work, hey? - Aug 20 2015
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