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Robert Lang
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Feb 08 2016
Thanks! I appreciate your comment. 😊 - Feb 08 2016
Thanks man! I didn't try it on Cinnamon. You can try it and please let me know if it works. I updated the link. Now it should work. ☺ - Feb 08 2016
I updated the theme. I added all sizes icons: 16,22,24,32,48,64,128 pixels. Try it and please tell me everything doesn't work. Enjoy it! - Oct 27 2014
Hi! I'm glad that you like my icons theme. I'll provide to make new small icons as soon as i'll have a few time in the next weeks! Thanks a lot for your suggestion! - Oct 27 2014

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

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Sep 13 2015
Why do you write "bad quality"? i clearly specified (if you can read) this is only a gtk-panel-background. The screenshot is taken from my desktop. I also specified it's only tested on MATE desktop 1.10 and it is 38x1024 pixels. If you don't like my job you are free to say "I don't like it" (personal opinion), but you can't say "bad quality. don't download this theme!". It is a semi-transparent PNG file and, as you can see from the screenshot,it integrates perfectly to the Win2-7 pack. Please read the description and try the theme before writing nonsense random comments. - Sep 13 2015