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Score 70.0%
Sep 08 2008
The font is Humanist 777 BT: - Nov 11 2008
What do you mean, guys? It's score is pretty high compared to the other themes here :) Check out the highest-rated under GTK2.x. - Oct 29 2008
This seems like it will put too much undue emphasis on the inactive tabs. - Oct 06 2008
Why would you want a port of it for a buggy outdated window decorator like Emerald, when gtk-window-decorator works just fine? :) - Oct 01 2008
Maybe! - Sep 27 2008
I understand that the theme is usable in all Gnome installations, whether they be on Ubuntu, or any other Linux distribution, or even another OS.

However, the intended audience for the theme are Ubuntu users as it targets to be part of the community themes package of Ubuntu. This is more of a marketing move as this theme proposes to push the aesthetic branding of Ubuntu into a new direction. - Sep 22 2008
Fixed. - Sep 21 2008
Did you try the DEBs of Murrine, and did you extract to ~/.themes? - Sep 17 2008
FYI: As of Sept 9, the dropdown menus look as they should, but the Firefox3 awesomebar dropdown is abhorrently ugly.

Try having a translucent dropdown menu in Compiz. This'll make it look good I promise ;) - Sep 09 2008