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Developers Apps by piotrpsz 25 comments

Like someone here has already written, I especially like that the buttons are right where the changes are. This is much better than say KDiff3 where you have to do everything via a toolbar. I'm currently using Meld (one of the few GNOME apps I use regularly) because I think its usability is superior to anything else but it is hardly improved anymore, unfortunately. BeeDiff looks promising indeed, but (I have only looked at the screenshots at the moment I have to admit) I'm missing whole directory compare like in Meld. And I wonder - does it have UTF-8 support? I cannot use Kompare because of that. It destroys all files I'm trying to edit. - Jun 30 2008

System Software by Multimedia4Linux 31 comments

LOL. One just never stops learning new words. Good app though. - Oct 28 2007

Utilities by giorgiotani 182 comments

Personally I'd like to take notice of good apps that might be useful on my KDE desktop no matter what technology they use. This is so much technical and so little user-centric.
I have no problem with widening my horizon. So thanks for posting this here and please ignore all those nitpickers here that say: It's not a KDE app. - Mar 19 2007

Video Apps by kiriuja 100 comments

My favorite media player is back after 2 years. Thanks a lot! - Jan 14 2007

Network by crissi 129 comments

Huh? Which problem?
Did you read my comment at all? - Dec 05 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by sirajr 613 comments


KBFX seems to be available in the repository of Kubuntu Edgy. So I finally decided to install it. Didnt bother before because I didnt want to invest to much work in just the start button ;-)
So far, so good. Only thing I couldnt figure out: How do I set an icon for the hover menu (not the animation). It shows only a black rectangle here though I specified a user icon for KDM. Anyway, I'm really missing an option to turn off the hover menu completely. Otherwise great work! - Nov 17 2006

Network by crissi 129 comments

On the positive side of things:
* Best usability under Linux for getting a PPTP connection
* Quality of this app noticeably improving from version to version
* Now sufficiently easy to get a PPTP connection.
* Has never crashed during a running connection here.

Still problematic though:
* No option to immediately start to system tray.
* Can be started twice
* Sometimes just refuses to be closed, sometimes still crashes during start/close/configuration.
* If crashes or forced to close with "Ctrl+Alt+Esc" I dont have an Internet connection anymore until I restart my PC. I cant say for sure but perhaps this is due to route reconfiguration

My proposals for improvement:
- Restarting the application should have a recovery mode detecting a previous crash and recover routing.
- Introduce an option to start to system tray
- I needed this script to start with sudo:

xhost +local:local
sudo kvpnc

This script should be included with kvpnc and there should be an option within the application to automatically create a desktop icon and perhaps even edit sudo or at least give a hint how to do it. - Nov 17 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Linuster 15 comments

Best thing here in a long time.
Immediately understandable.
Easy to use.
So useful. - Oct 31 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by FJR 249 comments

...about the metabar is that you cant really have both: Folder pane AND metabar. You can activate an option to have multiple view simultaneously in the sidebar but the layout is completely unusable. The metabar always wants to be on top of the folder pane and the folder pane is only about 50 pixels high. I can change that, but next time I open Konqueror it's the same again. This is why I dont use the metabar - but it's otherwise a really great thing. - Aug 26 2006
kX Generator

System Software by sabby7890 79 comments

Is this really a generator?
Or can I edit existing files
and it takes over the settings?
If yes I suggest you name it
(at least) kX Edit. - Aug 01 2006
SIM Instant Messenger

Chat & Messenging by Diavolo 63 comments

This is now the instant messenger I use after Kopete started hanging and crashing again. Nice to have alternatives. SIM is quite a good app actually. What I dont like is its secretiveness. You can hardly find information about it. No changelog on its website, no proper documentation and so on. In combination with its non-standard geeky interface this becomes really a problem more often than not.
For instance, I just could not find out how to erase my history for privacy reasons. I finally found the folder SIM stores this in under .kde/share/apps and erased that one. :-/ - Jul 07 2006
Quanta Plus

Developers Apps by amantia 72 comments

I'm writing a lot PHP code at work. Me and my colleagues used to love Quanta. It was fast and had great syntax highlighting, type ahead and uses the far superior KDE file dialogs.
But since 3.5.x everything has been going downhill and when I listen around the office I'm not the only complaining. Quanta crashes far too often (I'm not talking about VPL here but simple editing). From version to version (3.5.0, 3.5.1) I hope the situation improves after an update but unfortunately not. Some of my colleagues have switched to Kate, some to Zend and I have switched to Bluefish. It's sufficient but not great. I'm still missing Quanta but when you lose your work at least twice a day this is not an option for me right now. I suspect that too much work has gone into things only a few people use (VPL, Projects etc), but the basic editing stability has been neglected somewhat. I will try again with KDE4. - Jun 24 2006
Khotkeys improvement

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by antonmx 2 comments

Especially modifier-only
shortcuts. I'm missing those
too. Anyway, just posting
your proposals in a long enumeration here wont help you anywhere. Get an account at and file your wishlist proposals there clearly marked as [WISH] in the subject line - one wish at a time not all in one bug. - Jun 22 2006
Kde Migration Manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by comtux 12 comments

On the one hand it's a great idea.

But on the other hand, I doubt
a migration manager could solve
the most pressing problems:
Like non-working hardware (think of video playback etc), software installation troubles etc. These are the things most difficult when switching to a new environment. There are users (like me) who were quite aware that there would be some very unpleasant stumbling blocks when switching to Linux and I have been very determined. The first month was extreme horror! Though I must admit that Linux has come a long way since I switched a few years ago. When I started with SuSE 8.1, you couldnt even burn Audio-CD's or switch your display resolution easily on-the-fly.
A user-friendly editor with good syntax highlighting was nowhere in sight as well. This has all changed.

Anyway - the single-click/double-click or the look of the start button was the least of my problems... - Jun 20 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by asdex 22 comments

I'm using the quickfilter for
quite some time now.
Some warning for everybody who
is new to this:
If you select a range of files
or Ctrl+A with activated quickfilter, you also select the files not shown!!
If you now select delete you delete
more files than you thought.
This can lead to serious dataloss.
Better only view,move,copy,delete single files in filtered mode. - May 23 2006

Developers Apps by joachimeibl 26 comments

Thanks for the recommendation.
I know Kompare already, and its
GUI is indeed a bit more clean, but it
destroys UTF-8 files unfortunately which makes it unusable at the moment for me. - May 15 2006

Developers Apps by joachimeibl 26 comments

In contrast to Meld this app has
really a bad GUI. But KDiff3 is quite
useful if you need KIO protocols.
But perhaps you can use FUSE/SSHFS to mount some filetypes usually only accessable via KIO. Then you can use Meld with these too. - May 15 2006

Wallpaper Other by paninaro 44 comments

Just wanted to join the chorus ;-) - Apr 27 2006

System Software by invernomuto 100 comments

Forgot sth. important:
Please auto-detect checkinstall. If it is installed it should be used automatically by default. In an ideal world, Kompile and checkinstall will come installed by default with the distro. A user downloads a file, right-clicks on it and selects "Install source package". The package is installed with as less options and questions as possible and the user can use his/her usual package manager to uninstall it again. - Apr 02 2006

System Software by invernomuto 100 comments

Just tried out the new 0.3
beta version. I'm still wondering
what the intented target audience for this tool is. IMHO such a tool is
primarily useful and needed for all those people who dont know much about
Linux and are afraid to go to
the command-line but want to try
out software for which no package for their distro exists. Nice, if Kompile is also useful for geeks, but the user-interface shouldnt be too cluttered with pro-options as it is at the moment. Less is more. But this
app sure looks quite promising.
From a novice point of view I think these are the major problems right now:
- The buttons on the main window are labeled confusingly. Two times it says options and the setup (=options) is behind the third button. The idea with large buttons is user-friendly and nice, but to hide two other buttons behind each button is unnecessary. Just make the window a bit larger and group all buttons below each other
and write a short description next to it like "Install software source package". Use verbs like "Install" not "Installation" to make it easier to understand for the novice user what will happen next. Use the standard "..." behind captions to indicate a dialog box is following.
- The whole thing with profiles
should be off by default. Novice users
dont know about profiles - they just
want to install something.
- Konqueror context menu: Very useful, but the wording is strange. It should not mention the application name (Kompile) but simply a verb: Install source package. The submenu is not necessary and confusing. Just clicking on "Install source package" should be enough.
- If you want to provide configure options for geeks, Kompile could perhaps have an "Expert configuration..." button on the first
installation screen where it shows the output of "configure --help" and provides a command-line. Here you could place profiles as simple history drop-down list, like in a browser.
- It would be cool if Kompile could
detect a KDE application by analysing ./configure output and automatically add --prefix=`kde-config --prefix`
- Checkinstall support is great! This hides the difference during uninstall for the user between software installed by package and software installed by source. If Checkinstall is on though, all mentions of "Uninstall" within Kompile should completely disappear. Instead there should be a hint after installation that the user can uninstall the package safely with his favorite package manager. - Apr 02 2006

Chat & Messenging by mattr 100 comments

Man, you've got a serious problem. See a doctor soon. - Mar 14 2006

Network by yodor 109 comments

the first network monitor app
that JUST WORKS (TM) here.
I've tried various apps literally
for years without success. Most were buggy as hell or extremely ugly in the system tray. Thanks for this nice network monitor. As I'm (like probably most users) mostly interested in the download rate it would be cool if the rate could be shown in the system tray instead of the icon. So I dont have to mouse over the icon to know whats going on. - Mar 14 2006
Media Tag Tools

Audio Apps by parapente 40 comments

..and looking forward to rename
"Mercedes" to "Car"
and "iPod" to "MP3-Player".
Stupid. - Mar 11 2006

Network by crissi 129 comments

I found some minor glitches:
At some point when using a wrong password I got this:

2006-03-06 14:21:30 Debug: Es wird versucht, zu Server "**.**.**" mit User "****" zu verbinden...

2006-03-06 14:21:30 Info: [pppd]anon fatal[get_ip_address:pptp.c:357]: gethostbyname '**.**.**': name server error
Couldn't get channel number: Input/output error

2006-03-06 14:21:39 Fehler: Ein-/Aushgabefehler

(I deleted sensitive info before posting)
After that all my profiles where wiped out. So I recommend saving .kde/share/config/kvpncrc
somewhere in case you need it.

Futher problem:
When I try to close there is a message box saying that KVPNC doesnt close but minimize to the system tray. But even if I check "Do not show again" the box is shown every time. - Mar 06 2006

Network by crissi 129 comments

I wonder if it is theoretically possible one day to support being on two networks at once (I'm no expert, so sorry if this is a dumb question).
I'm at home and have a PPTP connection to my work and to a relocation center. The one is on subnet - the other on I want to be connected to both at the same time. - Mar 06 2006

Network by crissi 129 comments

Just tried out 0.8.3.
All problems are gone.
Works fine now. Thanks. - Mar 06 2006

System Software by jaegerschnitzel 61 comments

Very promising - but no quite usable for my specific purpose unfortunately. I'm missing a "different files" tab, i.e the option to just compare the directories and show files that differ without one being a reference folder.
And it would be very nice to be able to add multiple directories to one profile which are compared in one run. - Mar 02 2006
The quack

Wallpaper Other by nowon 3 comments

This is great.
Thanks for a good laugh that
made me wake up in the morning :-) - Feb 20 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by victor73 100 comments

You might take it as funny and
in a way it is - in many other
ways it isnt if you look at
what this country (i.e. voters
like him) does and
has already done to real world politics.

Look at his homepage + "About Me". If this is all meant to be a joke I just dont get it. It's rather sad such
people exist, I'm afraid. - Jan 15 2006

Network by crissi 129 comments

Does anyone know where I can
get older versions. This app
used to work great but since
I've switched to Kubuntu I got
a new version. All the new
versions dont work with PPTP.
The version coming with Kubuntu
(0.8) did crash consistently - on
config, on exit, on nearly every
occasion. Then I compiled 0.8.1.
Still crashes. Then I compiled the
current version. This one doesnt
work with the ppp coming with
Kubuntu anymore. It uses an
option "mppe" which doesnt
seem to exist. I dont want to
recompile ppp. So, I just want
the old kvpnc back - I dont
need any of the new features. - Jan 07 2006
Bind F4(open terminal) to Yakuake

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by peppelorum 26 comments

Kubuntu Breezy users, please notice
that this requires a very recent
Yakuake with proper DCOP support.
You will have to compile Yakuake

Furthermore: I added a ";clear"
behind the cd statement in order
to have a clean screen and not
a confusing cd statement at the top.

SSH still has some problems here.
It doesnt change into the proper
directory and :22 isnt removed like
in fish://
The ":22" is introduced by KDE when
you use the remote places functionality.
The script should remove this but
I'm no sed-expert and my attempts to
fix this were futile.
The SSH support would be great if it
worked. Ive been missing this for
ages in KDE. I'd like to switch
from Konqueror right into the
right folder, already logged in. - Jan 04 2006
Konqueror pathbar

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mart 29 comments

This is the only thing
I ever liked about the GTK
file selector. In all other
aspects the KDE selector is
way superior in my opinion.
Outside the file selector
(i.e. in Konqueror like in
your proposal) this is also
very useful.
Did you already file a
WISHLIST-bug in - Jan 02 2006

Various Games by Brandybuck 4 comments

LOL - Was also my first thought ;-) - Jan 02 2006

System Software by xis 97 comments

Great to hear this. I'm waiting (im-)patiently ;-) - Dec 21 2005

System Software by xis 97 comments

I'm using this for some weeks now and it's absolutely great. I'm appending all our servers log output to my local log via ssh/tail -f. I've set all php.ini-filed to dump errors to the system log. Now I'm getting a message on my desktop whenever any webpage shows an error. This is really useful. Some ideas for future improvement: Sorting by time does not work properly when more than one day is listed. The log view dialog window is quite slow here when there are lots of entries. Dont know if this can be speeded up some way though. And at last my #1 wish: Pressing a key (for example the "Break" key) prevents the current balloon popup from disappearing after the usual time-frame. - Dec 21 2005
Aero AIO

Karamba & Superkaramba by AdrienV 342 comments

This is the best karamba theme.
Minor glitches I found:
Some letters which go below
the baseline like a "g" seem to be clipped.
Network display doesnt work here
properly though I'm using
a pretty common SuSE 9.3 install.
E-Mail preview of my IMAP mail
folder shows the number of all
messages not the number of
all unread messages.
The date on the clock applet is
too long and is therefore also
clipped. The weekday names
are localized (German). I assume the weekday names in English are
shorter so the problem does not
occur there.
Nevertheless - this theme is
absolutely great and these minor
glitches certainly wont keep
me from using it ;-) - Nov 03 2005

System Software by invernomuto 100 comments

I've thought about sth like this
for a LONG time but didnt have
enough knowledge to do this by
myself. This is definitely one of the most needed apps for KDE!
Great that it's not written in
an interpreted language like
similar (much less professional)
solutions. It seems a bad idea
if you need Python or Kommander
installed for sth. basic like
this. This seems already very
polished in version 0.1.
My only wish to make this perfect:
Support of checkinstall instead
of "make install". This will
be absoluetly amazing: Imagine
clicking with the right mouse
button on a TAR.GZ file and
select install. No further
questions asked - not even a
directory. If you want to get
rid of it: Go to a package
manager and deselect it.
This is far superior to Windows.
Klik is very nice for quick testing
of software but can never
be a general solution, because
you cannot install as root,
it doesnt integrate with
existing package manager based
systems and is not suitable for
all packages. This is MUCH better. - Oct 14 2005
Flash Editor

Graphic Apps by zvonSully 68 comments

How about "levin": - Sep 26 2005
Brazilian Banana Project

Wallpaper Other by schuncka 1 comment

What's going on in some
people to submit stuff like
this to kde-look is beyond me.
But, oh well, all contributions
are welcome, aren't they ;-) - Aug 25 2005

Network by crissi 129 comments

I've had major problems
connecting to a windows server.
Comparing with the PHP-gtk
pptp-tool brought the solution:

[x] "force mmpe"
[x] "disable 40-bit"

is required.
Perhaps this should be the
default, because it is the
default with the php-gtk-tool
and required for ordinary windows
servers. - Jul 15 2005
Crystal Clear

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 199 comments

Compilation on SuSE 9.3
requires you to modify
as well as admin/

In both files change "1.6"
to "1.9", then do
Make -f Makefile-cvs

configure --prefix=/opt/kde3
make install - Jul 11 2005
Configuration experience level

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zvonSully 34 comments

This idea comes up quite often
whenever there is a seemingly confusing user interface.
My arguments against it:
1) This very often takes ANY incentive
to reorganize a cluttered config
dialog. Expert users
who need/wants lots of options
are left with an extremely crowded
interface and when they are
complaining people will say: Hey,
just set your level to "basic".
2) It's difficult to define
what "basic" is. Some people
need these options, some people
other options. And even worse:
When it's set to "basic" you
never know if you are missing
important options you actually
want. The video player you
mentioned using this technology
is a great example:
I would consider myself an
expert user but not if it
comes to video-codecs. I just
wanted to play my movie files.
So, I chose "basic" in said
dialog. Unfortunately a very
important option (cant quite
remember which one, I think
it had sth. to do with "buffer
size") was wrong, but not
visible for me. Finally I
found a doc on the internet.
More confusion: It describes
an option but the option isnt
there. Did I use the wrong
Even worse scenario: You
set an option in advance
mode, switch back to basic and
never find it again.
To sum it: No, I definitely would
not want that. Really afraid
users like my mum would never
ever use a config dialog - no
matter who easy it is. Medium
users can learn it if someone
shows it to them. It doesnt matter
then if there are other options
as well - they will ignore them.
So, the target audience for this
idea doesnt really exist. It's
a typical geek idea making
apps even worse. Did you ever
notice that neither Microsoft
nor Apple uses that approach though
they have large usability labs.
Would you want a car that you need
to set to advanced mode to be
able to switch on fog lights?

IMO there is often a better
way to organize things instead
of just hiding them. Re-thinking
dialogs is difficult but
necessary to create a great
interface for all. - Jun 06 2005

Graphic Apps by boud 38 comments

Krita Alpha Binary Release #3

Detecting wrapper location ... OK
Setting up HTML docs symlink ... OK
Adding . to KDEDIRS= ... OK

Starting Krita ...
bitBlt: Cannot bitBlt to device
bitBlt: Cannot bitBlt to device
bitBlt: Cannot bitBlt to device
bitBlt: Cannot bitBlt to device
bitBlt: Cannot bitBlt to device
bitBlt: Cannot bitBlt to device
bitBlt: Cannot bitBlt to device
bitBlt: Cannot bitBlt to device
koffice (lib kofficecore): ERROR: Couldn't find the native MimeType in krita's desktop file. Check your installation !

Checking for KDE 3.x using kde-config (/opt/kde3/bin/kde-config) ... Yes
Checking for Qt 3 (Qt >= 3.0.5) ... Yes

BTW: tried kbuildsycoca to no avail. - Mar 21 2005

Graphic Apps by boud 38 comments

Uninstalled KOffice.
Still the same message.
In fact this message was
the reason why I did install
KOffice in the first place.
I'm really interested in finally
trying Krita out but it seems
to be damn hard unfortunately.
The first release (source) was
impossible to compile. This
release doesnt work either.
Well, I think I will have to
wait until KOffice 1.4 comes
out with Krita in it. I've
tried this version on lots
of different PCs and various
distributions (SuSE 9.0, 9.1,
9.2, Debian, etc.) at home and
at work. It works nowhere and
always stops with this message.
It seems to be quite difficult
to release a binary package
independent of KOffice. Perhaps
its wiser to not publish binary
packages at all if they do not
really work in most cases anyway
and wait to release together with
KOffice. Just my €0,02... - Jan 13 2005

Graphic Apps by boud 38 comments

ERROR: Couldn't find the native MimeType in krita's desktop file. Check your installation !

But I'm quite sure KOffice
is installed.

I'm using SuSE 9.2 - Jan 08 2005
KDE CC/IC, Konqueror, KMail (IN CVS)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by lokheed 128 comments

Cool! Thanks for taking the
time to bring this in KDE 3.4
This is really badly needed.
I'm interested too to see what
happens now - just from a
"political" point of view.
Do they really react better if
someone writes to a mailing-list?
Or is this just like someone at
an office telling you
to go "next door"?
IMHO the whole idea of not
accepting a bug if it refers
to sth. already existing is completely
stupid. If a bug i.e. just said
"The design of the clock should
be more customizable
they would probably not mark
this bug invalid. But if you
say where they can get some
inspiration in form of a full
working implementation it is
suddenly invalid?? I cannot
really understand this. Nobody says
they have to use the source code
or implementation. They can take
their time and implement a bug
wishlist item from scratch ;-)
It's a good idea to get new
developers more involved in
the KDE project. But must this
happen by alienating them first
and forcing them to "knock" on
the mailing-list-door of their
elitist tower? It's sometimes
a bit too bureaucratic for me...
Hope you have success with this
anyway. - Dec 31 2004
KDE CC/IC, Konqueror, KMail (IN CVS)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by lokheed 128 comments

...well just as I told you:
The bug has just been set
invalid. The KDE team does not accept
bugs like this. The only way
to get this into KDE is:
The author himself must
write to a mailinglist like
kde-core-devel or kde-artists
and request his work to be
included in KDE. - Dec 30 2004
KDE CC/IC, Konqueror, KMail (IN CVS)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by lokheed 128 comments

This should definitely
go into KDE 3.4. I once tried
to file a bug on a different
issue saying "Please take
xy from kde-look into KDE".
But I was told that not the KDE
team is taking software into KDE but
the author has to ask if he
can put this into KDE.
So, I guess the author has to
file a bug himself or contact
the kde team to put this
into KDE 3.4. Please, please,
do this! 95% of the people
on kde-look are behind
you judging from the votes ;-) - Dec 27 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by meNGele 28 comments das nicht sch - Dec 21 2004
applications-KIO slave

Desktop Concepts by Superstoned 12 comments

Not quite: Most important
functions like delete, move,
rename do not exist here
(KDE 3.3.0) - Dec 02 2004