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Maciej Mrozowski Wrocław, Poland

Board by Noughmad 97 comments

There's a bug in chess engine (when using two-seat game) - it wrongly detects checkmate in some occasions.

Consider this scenario (beginning of Scholar's mate):
1. e4 e5
2. Qh5 g6
3. Qxe5 (incorrectly marked as check-mate)

Keep it up :) - Mar 27 2010
KDE Partition Manager

System Software by VolkerLanz 104 comments

Unfortunately LVM2 doesn't provide sufficient API yet (fortunately it's WIP), and parsing output of commands line tools doesn't sound like fun I suppose.
I think it's better to wait a bit for liblvm to gain more features before any LVM2 support is considered.
LVM2 support would be nice indeed - for now there are only two reasonable LVM2 frontends:
- system-config-lvm - "official" GUI from LVM2 developer (RedHat/Fedora) - but quite abysmal in features
- EVMS (sic!) - the best known LVM2 frontend - unfortunately only Gtk1 and ncurses - Dec 05 2009
Subtitle Composer

Video Apps by attendant 181 comments

Great app!

Where to submit buildsystem patches?
Since 0.5.2 src/main/CMakeLists.txt lacks ${KDE4_PHONON_LIBS} in target_link_libraries and since 0.5.3 it lacks ${KDE4_KROSSCORE_LIBS} as well.

You could update URL to Gentoo ebuilds to;a=tree;f=media-video/subtitlecomposer
They are being developed there.

Consider moving to KDE playground/extragear, you'll get bugzilla, cookies, women etc - Jun 03 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions by AlexeyTyapkin 15 comments


It's my everyday use plasma applet - first of all - thanks you - great job :)

I have some suggestions
- use better (compliant with ksysguard) color scheme - or just use those defined in ksysguard if there'e possibility - I've set up my version this way - I guess it's a bit more readable:
- add option for setting update interval (currently it's hardcoded to 0.5s or sth like this)
- well - maybe extend and add network traffic meter as well (the other plasma network monitor is really bad - it should be done the same way as your cpuload monitor) - Oct 21 2008
Umbrello UML Modeller

Developers Apps by jriddell 28 comments

StarUML is modeled after Rational Rose Suite so for whose who were using that tool StarUML is just incredibly simpler free version :) - Dec 21 2007

Music Production by rncbc 56 comments

oh come on - it's not the right place to post bug reports here - Apr 16 2007
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KDM4 Themes
by TOD

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KDM4 Themes
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KDM4 Themes
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