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Dolphin Service Menus
Open Directory in VLC

Dolphin Service Menus 2 comments

by bmfan
Score 50.0%
Jun 06 2007
Easy and useful. - Jun 22 2007

Dolphin Service Menus 15 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 12 2007
This looks nice!
I will most likely take this in the next version so that a user who has set his prefered editor can use this!

I also think about a settings-file where a bash-script could make a notice if the user wants KDialog or a editor.

But lets see :-)

thx all - Mar 13 2007
Thanks for your Ideas:

The .filenote extension is a nice Idea
and i will think about it.

For the KDialog i don't know - I like the idea of a smaller input window but i use MyFileNote not allone for small urls or some other short Text. I write down entire descriptions of a program for example including hints to install or versions etc. - This way i can search with Kerry or another search programm for it. For that i myself want a good texteditor.

I will look at the response for this app see what other people want.

I think this could be a optional feature. So the user could chose. - Mar 12 2007