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Remi Barillec
Kopete Styles

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Nov 04 2011
Impressive icon theme, thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work. - Aug 31 2014
Orchid style for Kopete 0.12.x

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Jun 15 2012
Hi, I think the color of incoming messages is set by the sender (i.e. the person you're talking to). You can tell Kopete to ignore this (and use the theme's color) in the Color & Font settings (see the change log for details). Not sure about Telepathy - I have not used it but could have a look when I get some time. - Dec 03 2012
OK, I added a variant where the message text is displayed in colour. Let me know if this is what you wanted.

Cheers. - Dec 03 2012
Thanks! :)

To change the colors, you would have to edit the main.css file (in Contents/Resources). The .incoming and .outgoing classes define the hex colors for the text. You can replace these with your favourite colors (you can use a color picker like to find the hex values for the colors).

Hope this helps,

Cheers. - Dec 03 2012

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