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Roberto Alsina San Isidro, Argentina

Text Editors by ralsina 3 comments

Sorry about the very late reply. This is a known bug when using it in Ubuntu. Finally it seems today we found how to fix it, so soon there will be a new version :-) - Aug 05 2010

Network by ralsina 2 comments

I don't check the comments here regularly, please contact me by mail, or post at - May 06 2009

Browser by mtux 100 comments

It would be awesome if choqok would provide a useful DBUS interface, allowing other apps to send updates.

Example usage: I wrote a RSS aggregator, and like to post interesting links to tweeter. Right now, I am using a custom "client", if I could hook into Choqok via DBUS, the user wouldn't have to configure everything twice.

It should not be terribly hard to do, I can even take a shot at it although my C++ is beyond rusty ;-) - Feb 13 2009