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Fedor Pikus Beaverton, United States of America

System Software by dkukawka 157 comments

I certainly don't need acpid - kpowersave worked fine *until* I installed acpid. Selinux I just turned off.

What would help is some information on what kpowersave interacts with. For example, simple thing: the "current CPU frequency scheme" it shows in the status window, where does it come from? It's "unknown" when ran as user and "dynamic" when ran as root, so clearly kpowersave lacks permissions to read something. What is it reading to get the value for that scheme? - Oct 29 2007

System Software by dkukawka 157 comments

After installing Fedora 7 on Dell Latitude D630, I had kpowersave installed and working fine. I then installed acpid (it was not installed initially). Now kpowersave only works if ran as root or with sudo. Without root access, it cannot even see what the current frequency policy is - reports it as "unknown". Can't change frequency policy or suspend. Root/sudo can do all of these things. I can run pm-suspend as regular user and it works fine, only kpowersave has this problem.

The really weird thing is, I removed acpid (not just halted it, uninstalled it), rebooted, and kpowersave still does not work. Some permissions changed somewhere, but I can't strace kpowersave so can't see what it is that it's not accessing.

Kpowersave version is kpowersave-0.7.3-0.2svn20070828.fc7
- Oct 27 2007