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Plasma Themes 102 comments

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Dec 31 2012
Ok, I've submitted this to KDE bugzilla. Thx - Jan 28 2008
Hi, great theme.

One feature request.
Here you can see that when I resized notes plasmoid (with CTRL pressed) into this shape there is too much free spece on the left and right of the text.

Could this be changed? - Jan 28 2008

Plasma 4 Widgets 28 comments

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Feb 16 2008
patpi@KDE4:~/System> cd bball/
patpi@KDE4:~/System/bball> cmake .
CMake Error: ERROR: cmake/modules/FindKDE4Internal.cmake not found in /home/patpi/.kde4/share/apps;/usr/share/kde4/apps
-- Configuring done

maybe I don't have some package in my system.

But maybe I can't use cmake correctly. Some little compilation instructions would be nice.

Thx in advance. - Jan 13 2008

Video Apps 100 comments

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Jan 11 2008
Pleas update screenshots, I bet that KPlayer ported to KDE4-oxygen looks much better :)

More "newbie" people will download this apps than. - Jan 11 2008

Screensavers 130 comments

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Apr 29 2006
Is there any chance for including KCometen in KDE4.x series?

People would love this one - Aug 12 2007

Science 10 comments

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Oct 23 2009
"If there's some way to merge the entries, I'd be happy to do so. :-)"
there is no way to do this. But what is more important is ->

"In the future will be used for KDE Applications only. All Qt only apps must be moved to the or Please contact us via the contact form to get your project moved over. Your existing user account is also valid on and

There are good reasons why qt-apps were shipped few weeks ago. It's better for community to diverse qt-apps from kde-apps. :)
This process is slow but adding new qt apps to kde-apps won't help :)

- Jun 02 2007
There is no need for dual submitting this app on kde-apps and In dependencies of this nice app there is no kdelibs so you should delete this content on kde-apps - Jun 02 2007