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tim bocek

Plasma 4 Extensions by thymythos 42 comments

Remember that just because you don't think something has a use doesn't mean that other people don't think it does. Personally, I would very much like the flexability of having a plasmoid mixer rather than requiring me to clutter up the system tray (right now I have a second panel that auto-hides with everything like the device notifier, the network manager, etc.)

Regarding the rating, the low rating could just be because this isn't quite feature complete yet. Not because people don't want a mixer plasmoid. If they didn't want a mixer plasmoid they wouldn't download it.

Lastly, what part of *donated time* do you not understand? If the developer of this plasmoid wants to work on a mixer plasmoid, let him work on one! If you feel that strongly about multi-line system trays, you work on that. - Apr 28 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions by gillespie 28 comments

Open up the file bball.cpp in your favorite text editor and delete the lines that it complains about (36 and 248 I think), then rebuild. It won't look perfect (there will be a background behind the ball), but at least it will compile and install. - Sep 12 2008