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Oleg Olegovich
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Sep 13 2017
1. You've added -GtkButtonBox-child-min-height GtkButtonBox::child-min-height to Zukitwo, but not to Zukini or Zukitwo-Dark. Is this a bug or a feature?

2. I would consider adding

.notebook .button {
padding: 3px;

Otherwise, all buttons inside notebook have padding = 1px which seems rather tiny.

Best regards. - Jul 03 2012
While I do appreciate your position regarding menu background in, I think that shell notifications background should be at least a bit transparent (alpha around 0.9).

Reasoning is that notifications are quite often irrelevant but Gnome Shell displays them with long timeout (around 4 secs). - Jun 17 2012
Is the difference in size of combobox in GTK2 and GTK3 themes intentional? Is there any way to decrease size of comboboxes in GTK3 theme? - Jan 12 2012
Bluebird metacity

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Mar 23 2011
You are welcome :-) - May 09 2011
No problem :-) I have taken Bluebird Gtk theme ( and modified it to be more compact (reduced sizes of buttons, tabs etc.) You can download it from here: - May 09 2011
Icon theme: elementary dark mono (

Font: Droid Sans (, ttf-droid in Ubuntu, google-droid-fonts in Fedora). - May 09 2011
You are right, there are enough drawing ops built in metacity to allow these to be drawn natively. I'll probably try to implement the "native" icons and measure the performance difference. - Apr 20 2011
This is the first blue theme I liked myself :-) - Apr 14 2011
Thanks :-) - Apr 14 2011
Thank you :-)

Panel font color: open file gtk-2.0/panel.rc from Bluebird gtk package in any text editor.

There are several lines in it, which are setting the color of the font:

fg[NORMAL] = ...
fg[ACTIVE] = ...
fg[PRELIGHT] = ...
text[NORMAL] = ...
text[PRELIGHT] = ...
text[ACTIVE] = ...

Replace the right part of that lines with the color you like (e.g. "#ff0000" for bright red).

Please note, that you should not modify bg[...] lines, as these are responsible for background color. Also note, that text color is set in several places, you must replace it in all of them. - Apr 01 2011
He-he, I learned about (and absolute loved) Bluebird theme and Shimmer project from your blog ( :-) - Mar 18 2011
Ok, try downloading from - Mar 18 2011
The link on the page is the latest version of theme. What steps exactly did you perform before the error? - Mar 18 2011
I've added installation tips on the page, feel free to ask for more detailed explanation :) - Mar 18 2011
Ecliipse 4.2 GTK Themes

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by amitg

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9   Jun 29 2012