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dann kettle , Canada
Dolphin Service Menus

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Mar 15 2015
When I have a todo with more than one category assigned, it shows up in the widget even after I filter by one completely different category.

Ex: I filter the widget by "Work" category but any item tagged with, say, "Personal" and "Birthday", would show up in the list. When I remove the filters on an item so there is only one category, such as "Birthday" only, it disappears from the list. Adding another category back will make it appear in the list again.

Other than that, it's a great widget. Thanks!
- May 02 2012

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Dec 09 2007
It might be a while until I get around to it. If you understand the basics of ffmpeg, (see the man pages) you could edit the .desktop file in a text editor and add/re-write an option to do widescreen / letterbox.

It's probably not the answer you're looking for tho. - Nov 28 2007
The /usr/share/apps directories showed my service menus.

If that doesn't work for you, try copying/installing to the


directories. - Nov 25 2007

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by geflei

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9   May 02 2012