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Dean Lovering , United States of America
Linux Landino

Wallpaper Other by sakasa 2 comments

Hey this is cool looking.. I have a suggestion though.. I'd make the water droplets/bubbles or whatever more irregular. You can get a good looking shape for a water droplet by using in GIMP:
Filters--render--clouds--solid noise

I just used the default settings and then use color--threshold and adjust the cutoff for the threshold until you get some good looking water droplet patterns..then you can finish them off however you did the ones that you have there

Good Job!

Hrm..I wonder why my download isn't showing up...I downloaded it but the download counter still says 0..thats odd - Jun 17 2008
Psuedo- winter wonderland

Wallpaper Other by nitromanrc 4 comments

Thank you, I'll be sure to post more up later... - Jun 16 2008
Improved Sauerbraten Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by nitromanrc 2 comments

hrm...i think if you do a "save page as" for the one w/ the .svg...because the svg is the actual page...for the .png you just click the thumbnail...then right click the picture on the popup window and that gives the option to save image as - Feb 05 2008