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Veromix - volume control / soundmenu

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Jun 14 2012
hi rayond

im running kubuntu 9.10 with KDDE 4.3 from the backports repository.

About the file: Sorry I just made a guess - because it would make more sense in python to subclass PopUpApplet than to enable that(PopUp) functioality in the metadata.desktop file.

The pidgin-plasmoid crashes plasma-desktop (in plasmoidviewer it works).

Is the pidgin-plasmoid working in your panel (popUp)?


- Mar 30 2010
Hy Raymond

Bad news: Plasma/PopupApplet support was introduced in 4.3: I found that solution by try and error (and looking at the javascript code ).

With your change the widget(the sliders) of the plasmoid are not corretly added to the plasmoid (because it depends on PopUpApplet)... so I understand that it is not working.

Is there a class PopUpApplet defined in ython on your system (in 4.3 it is not). From the python view this would make sense (e.g. make a subclass of Plasma.PopUpApplet instead of Plasma.Applet).

On my system Plasma.Applet is defined in: /usr/share/pyshared/PyKDE4/
Dou you have a PopUpApplet there?

/nik - Mar 30 2010

idea #1
Are other python-plasmoids working (on the desktop/panel)? I ask this because i get:

plasmoidviewer(4840)/libplasma Plasma::Applet::load: we have a script using the "python" API

and you got:

plasma-desktop(15391)/libplasma Plasma::Applet::load: offers is empty for "veromix-plasmoid"

idea #2
Is it shown in the list of available widgets for the notifications-area/systray (settings of notification-area "Plasma Widgets")?

Maybe something is wrong with the metadata.desktop. I used


maybe TRUNK requires that i explicitly allow it to add on the desktop

I also get the warning about the constructor, e.g.

plasmoidviewer(4840)/libplasma Plasma::AppletPrivate::init: Check your constructor! You probably want to be passing in a Service::Ptr or a QVariantList with a valid storageid as arg[0].


- Mar 30 2010
yepp - fixed -> 0.5 - Mar 29 2010
Thanks for the tip: Enjoy 0.4! - Mar 23 2010
Nagios Plasmoid

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Feb 25 2011
hmmm a lot of info .-)

what says:
unzip -t 114057-nagios-plasmoid.plasmoid

I only got this error when I try to reinstall it, e.g.:

>plasmapkg -i ~/Desktop/114057-nagios-plasmoid.plasmoid
Installation fehlgeschlagen: /home/nik/Desktop/114057-nagios-plasmoid.plasmoid

>plasmoidviewer --list | grep -i nagios
nagios-plasmoid - Nagios status monitor

>plasmapkg -r nagios-plasmoid
Erfolgreich entfernt: nagios-plasmoid

>plasmapkg -i 114057-nagios-plasmoid.plasmoid
Erfolgreich installiert: /home/nik/Desktop/114057-nagios-plasmoid.plasmoid

Which version of KDE are you running? - I use 4.3 (kubuntu), never tested it on 4.2.X - Oct 20 2009

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Mar 22 2010

this widget depends only on plasma-scriptengine-python (this is the package-name in ubuntu).
If other python-plasmoids (for example gmail.. ) work, Drop2Tag should also work.

If you have no nepomuk-tags defined in the system, the plasmoid will crash :-(
Create at least one Tag with dolphin and Drop2Tag should work as expected.

In case it is still not working, you could launch Konsole and execute

plasmoidviewer Drop2Tag

Then copy-paste the output and post it here


- Oct 01 2009

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Apr 12 2011
I just reinstalled it without problems: Add Widgets -> Install New Widgets --> Download New Plasma Widgets.

You might want to try in a console:


plasmapkg -i 111753-FanSpeed.plasmoid


plasmapkg -u 111753-FanSpeed.plasmoid

you might also want to check the plasmoid/zip archive integrity:


unzip -t 111753-FanSpeed.plasmoid

At least you should get a bit more information about the problem....

One more idea: This plasmoid is written in python - are python-bindings installed?

/nik - Sep 12 2009

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Mar 15 2015
@styling: Maybe weather-icons indicating the forecast for the day of the entry... - Jul 20 2009

Webcam & Monitoring
by hipersayanx

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Feb 23 2012
Konsole Widget

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Jun 18 2011
0k suite

by Scnd101

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Jul 22 2010
Easy SSH Connection

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by vgevorgyan

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Mar 09 2010

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by geflei

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Jul 20 2009