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Veromix - volume control / soundmenu

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Jun 14 2012
What version of KDE do you use, maybe this helps

If not, do you get any debug-output in ~/.xsession-errors

/nik - Mar 08 2011
Hi thanks for your input.

@Controls under the program's name and icon, not above it.

-> Yes - you are right: Would be more locical

@presenting stream name, volume slider and controls in one panel, without any separation. It will look much clearer then.

-> Agree - There are some technical reasons why this is difficult (you can have a now playing control but not Stream)

@Control buttons (play/pause, next, previous) shouldn't be so "light". / I think buttons should be bigger and have a border.

-> From my point of view they should be themable, but in KDE/Plasma themes there are no such icons

@On certain album arts play/pause button may be completely invisible.

-> Could you please explain: Why? And what would be the criteria?

@Why don't move album art to the left side and present artist, album and title also?

-> Usually Players report the artist- and trackname via pulseaudio (Amarok/"Phonon based players" are an exception). With your suggestion artist/album/title would then be shown twice - Thats the reason why I decided to not show the artist/album/title info on the nowplaying pane. In consequence albumart centered was the best solution to that...

/nik - Jan 09 2011

#!/usr/bin/env python2

doesn't work on my system (ubuntu 10.10)

#!/usr/bin/env python2.6

would work but may break other systems. Any idea?


And could there be an option in a future release to disable the Source/Sink Peak detect?

Good point: I put it on my list: - Dec 29 2010
> - find a way to make the slider not over the text.

Will try..

>- replace the expand icon with something and more explicit:

Agree (but I'd like to keep the meter)

> represent the current volume with a rectangle behind the item.

@mockup: I first thought: Oops something went wrong..

Why do you think this is necessary (the current volume is already represented by the slider)?

- Dec 20 2010
What do you think of the new UI? - Dec 19 2010
hmm - you can assign any key (-combo) you want. Is kde not recognising your FN-Keys? - Dec 04 2010
thanks for the stacktrace: I found and fixed this bug

/nik - Nov 25 2010
can you try to launch plasmoidviewer not from the veromix-plasmoid directory:

cd /tmp
plasmoidviewer veromix-plasmoid

does it also fail and if yes: o you get some debugging output?

/nik - Nov 24 2010
As far as I know you cannot change the icons easily. They depend on your Plasma-Deskop-Theme.

If your plasma-theme does not provide it's own icons, you can edit/replace the file /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default/icons/audio.svgz (kubuntu 10.10) [edit them with inkscape] ...

hope it helps /nik
- Nov 23 2010
Not yet. I will give you an update once the code is ready.. - Nov 22 2010
Done - Nov 22 2010
respecting my volume up/down/mute keys from my laptop like kmix..

Do you mean hotkeys assotiated to the plasmoid (so that kmix doesn't need to run)?

/nik - Nov 19 2010
@ps: I added your wish to my bugtracker - but I still have no clue on how to achieve that (with pulseaudio) - Do you have some links? - Nov 19 2010
thx - dont know how to do that - and feature freeze for 4.6 has just started?

/nik - Nov 19 2010
You are right - I'am also looking forward to that feature, made a bug-report: - Nov 15 2010
Noted your wish:

The scrolling issue will be fixed in the next release (already fixed in svn)

/nik - Nov 15 2010

You can add the VeromixServiceMain to the autostart list of kde systemsettings. But make sure that pulseaudio is started and running before Otherwise it will not work :-(

You might first want to try to create the file manually. You will find a sample on my new troubleshoot page:

hope it works - Nov 15 2010
This works perfectly for me with the Hotkeys of KMix..
Configure your hotkeys for KMix and the plasmoid will react on volume-changes..
/nik - Nov 13 2010
There is a problem with the ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/veromix-plasmoid/metadata.desktop file of veromix and your environment.

Which version of KDE and veromix are you using?

In KDE 4.4 metadata.desktop should define:

In KDE 4.5 and above:

Newer versions of veromix implement a workaround for this bug. But I looks like it's not working in your environment.

Maybe it helps if you uninstall and reinstall it using:
plasmapkg -r veromix-plasmoid
plasmapkg -i <downloaded file>

If that does not help you might want to check ~/.xsession-errors for more info about the problem.

Can we continue discussing this issue here:

- Nov 12 2010

Most probably you are using python 3 (which is not supported).

I added your reports to my bug-tracker:


Can we continue discussing this issue there? (I already posted a possible workaround for the problem there) - Nov 10 2010
Yes, it works for me (kde4.4 at home and 4.5 at the office)..

Thanks for your debugging. I will fix that problem tomorrow..

Which volume does your plasmoid change in stream? As I see in pactl output, each stream has per-channel volume and base volume.
I think that better to change base volume, it have one value always, don't depend on channel number.

Hmm I never realized that there is a base-volume, but the api says:

pa_volume_t pa_sink_info::base_volume
Some kind of "base" volume that refers to unamplified/unattenuated volume in the context of the output device.

As I understand it, one cannot change that value. I use the function:


yes I should definitely go for one..

/nik - Oct 24 2010
your right (new feature in kde 4.5) - I'am still running 4.4 - Will have a look at it after upgrade

/nik - Oct 23 2010
the plasma-theme is not providing icons - the icon-theme should provide these icons... - Oct 23 2010
You could try to start veromix from the console, to see if an error-message is shown:

First kill the process called

Then start the service in a terminal:


then in another terminal:

cd ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/veromix-plasmoid/

plasmoidviewer .

do you get some messages? - Oct 23 2010
Yes there is a problem if an output has more than 2 (stereo) channels, e.g. like in your case 5.
sorry for that (until now I only knew that this is a problem for mono-microphones(e.g. 1 channel) ).

@pulse-audio as system-service: I never tried that.. will see what I can do about that..

/nik - Oct 23 2010

your icon-theme should provide icons for:


If your monochrome icon theme provides these icons, you will have monochrome-icons in the panel. If not you get the default oxygen-icons.
is kmix showing monochrom icons - i think the plasmoid uses the same icons as kmix

/nik - Oct 23 2010
Thanks for your input: It works! Will release a new version soon.

[Don't understand why it was not working the last time I tried it. Maybe a KDE 4.4 vs 4.5 difference or just my disability ]

- Oct 21 2010
glad to hear you like it. What do you think about the "left/right icon" placement (see thread above)?

@monochrome icons: the icons are not part of the plasmoid. E.g. the plasmoid "takes" the icons of your icon theme (see third screenshot). Maybe your theme does not provide the appropriate icons?
/nik - Oct 16 2010
Looks good. But this cannot be done with python and the current API (as far as I understand it).
The PopUp functionality is provided by plasma (PopUpApplet) and cannot be changed/overwritten by a python-plasmoid. (For the same reason it is not possible to change the main-volume by scrolling with the mouse-wheel over the icon).

I did mockups with this layout, but decided to implement the current one which I like (depending on the icon-theme) a lot. I will give your layout another try, but don't expect this to happen very soon..

- Oct 12 2010
It is visualizing the "audio flow":

- "amarok" and "plugin-container" are applications that produce an audiostream

- "Internes Audio Analog Stereo" is (the german) name of my soundcard

The audio-stream from amarok enters the applet on the left, then it goes through the slider which controls the volume. Depending on the volume and the audio-signal the meter on the right will shake more or less.
Then the stream is mixed with the audio-stream from plugin-container and enters the output "Internes Audio Analog Stereo" on the left, then the overall volume (for the output) is set and the stream will leave the applet on the right (there you can also mute the output)

Note: You can have multiple Output-Devices(soundcards), in this case every input-stream (like amarok, or plugin-container) will be above its assotiated output-device. This would look like this:

[icon] amarok [meter]
[icon] bangarang [meter]
[meter] Internes Audio Analog Stereo [icon]
[icon] plugin-container [meter]
[meter] RTP-Multicast [icon]

I don't like the UI of (the new) kmix or pavucontrol where every type got its own tab (playback, recording, outputs and recording). I was looking for a UI where every type can be shown without tabs.
I know it is very minimalistic (no labels), but I thought that it would be intuitiv as soon as one would see it in action.
I'am open to discuss the current arrangement.

/nik - Oct 12 2010

have you tested the new version and is the discribed bug still present?

/nik - Oct 09 2010
Have you logged-out/rebooted since you updated the plugin?

Veromix starts a background-process that is not restarted when you upgrade the plasmoid.


- Aug 22 2010
uuups -- fixed

exactly the same functionality: Because of a bug in the python-scriptengine: Kde 4.4 needs:


instead of (kde 4.5):


in metadata.desktop. Without this line the plasmoid is not correctly initialized and therefore not working at all...

/nik - Aug 21 2010
Should be fixed now. I didn't test it with stream2ip because no output device was correctly removed.

by the way: Have you found a binary (.deb) for stream2ip or have you compiled it yourself?

thanks for the report

/nik - Aug 21 2010
Just in case it is not working yet: You should install the package "python-xdg" - Aug 20 2010
@saying it failed.

Maybe you get more details on what failed when you install it via terminal:

plasmapkg -r veromix-plasmoid
plasmapkg -i [path to downloaded file]

@After that Veromix appears under widgets, but without an icon.

When you first (successfully) launch the plasmoid the icon is installed. So its normal that the icon is not found (currently I don't know how to do that better).
I don't think the missing icon is a problem.

@Any suggestions?
After reinstallation you can check if the plasmoid is available:

plasmoidviewer --list | grep veromix

run it:

plasmoidviewer veromix-plasmoid

hope it helps

/nik - Aug 19 2010
I had to add to autostart,

i will check that - has the plasmoid created the file ~/.local/share/dbus-1/services/org.veromix.pulseaudio.service ?

However, when I try to enter the setup setup (Alt D, S), nothing happens.

There is no settings-dialog .-)


Probably related: I also cannot put (move) the plasmoid in the tray.

I don't think that plasma supports moving plasmoids to the tray - you have to open the config-dialog of "system-tray" plasmoid and enable the plasmoid there. - Aug 16 2010
Does the plasmoid show the same sources as pavucontrol?
- Aug 15 2010
What is written instead of "Amarok"?

Make sure that Pulseaudio is the default Output-Device (check systemsettings -> "Multimedia". I've set Pulseaudio to be the default output-device for all audio-sources). - Aug 14 2010

Looks like the my dbus-adapter is not running: Check if there is a process called
ps -ef | grep -i veromix

You might want to check what is happening when you start this process manually:

python ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/veromix-plasmoid/dbus-service/

If that works, check if this file exists:

you can also add to the autostart of kde.


@VeromixServiceMain: I separated the pulseaudio stuff from the plasmoid because I had big problems with crashes.. So connects to PulseAudio and sends info over dbus to the plasmoid(s) - Aug 14 2010
Yes very anoying: I made a BugReport: - Aug 10 2010
yes should be possible, will be one of the next features.. - Aug 02 2010
>But I see an unnecessary horisontal scrollbar when veromix is in tray popup window:
>And how I can change the width of plasmoid popup?

you can change the width (and also the height) of the plasmoid in the top right corner: Hold the mouse over it and the mouse-cursor should change to a "double-arrow", then click and resize the plasmoid... (this is actually the default-behavior for popup applets, and I don't know how to change that: e.g. resize-handle on every corner of the applet)

The width an height are not stored, that means after the next reboot you have to set the width and height again - I will improve that in the next version (also making it smaller does not work well)

There is no Settings-Dialog for veromix - I don't know why plasma shows the settings-icon eventhoug the plasmoid declares that it has no settings.. (will check that for the next release)

/nik - May 03 2010

do you have good news for me or is it still not working with TRUNK?

/nik - Apr 15 2010
Thanks for your post, this motivates me to continue my efforts eventhough I'am stuck with the current situation:
I spent days and nights to fix the bug mentioned in the plasmoid-description, without success. I'am not sure if the bug will ever get fixed (I pretty sure it's a python-bug)!

I'am still undecided if I should reimplement that plasmoid in C++ or ignore the problem and later switch to a better solution (when the pulseaudio dbus-interface is ready) or just ignore the problem at all.

When I decide to continue I will surely implement some of your proposals.

But why do you want to hide some sources? Which sources would you hide?


- Apr 15 2010
wrong info: I'am running 4.4. with backports...
I will have a look at pidgin-plasmoid later... - Mar 30 2010

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Jan 31 2011
Nop it's not working :-(

your metadata.desktop is wrong:


You need to remove the '#' at least from one of these line.

for kde = 4.4 you need:

for kde > 4.4 you need:

Unfortunately ALL entries still get lost after plasma reloads. Most probably a kde bug :-(


Would be nice if the entries could get exported to a text-file (I lost all data... )


- Feb 02 2011
Same problem here:

In 4.6. plasmoid.readConfig("data") on Line 133 of main.js returns an empty string.

This bug can be fixed by adding

if (textdata == ""){
textdata = []

just after Line 133 (e.g. after textdata = plasmoid.readConfig("data")).

Unfortunately readConfig always returns an empty string and thus all data gets lost when plasma restarts....

/nik - Jan 31 2011
KWin Button Applet

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Mar 25 2010
A very usful plasmoid, thank you.

Currently the buttons control the window which has the focus. In multi-monitor environments it is not always clear which window has the focus (because you can have 2 maximized windows).

Thats why I suggest that the buttons control only the (top) window of the screen the plasmoid lifes in.


- Oct 14 2010
0k suite

QtCurve 2 comments

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Jul 22 2010
My only wish:
The decoration of maximized Windows could be improved.
- currently the decoration has a slightly differenct color than the menu below
- I would prefer the same look for maximized windows as for non-maximized..

THX - Jul 22 2010

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