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Neil Moe , United States of America
Sombre Doux Gnome-Shell + Cinnamon

Cinnamon Themes 7 comments

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Mar 18 2012
Where might I ask would I find the clock you have on your desk top? I like it a lot.
Neemoe - Feb 10 2012
mint black

Wallpapers Mint 1 comment

by zito
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Jan 28 2012
But... shouldn't it read "FROM freedom came elegance"? just saying. - Jan 31 2012
Black Glass RGBA theme+installer

GTK2 Themes 20 comments

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Apr 14 2011
Soooo how do I uninstall it if I want to?? It's screwing up my screensaver big time. - Apr 14 2011

KDE 4 Splashscreens 14 comments

by rezz
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Dec 03 2014
Your splash screen is awesome!!
Great job - Feb 25 2011
Isadora (unofficial)

Wallpapers Mint 6 comments

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May 13 2010
Your welcome Redd.

Neemoe - May 13 2010 This is for the aero clone gtk.

And here is the emerald theme.
In the emerald theme manager I slide all sliders off so title bar is clear, transparent. Play around with it and you should come pretty close to what I have.

Neemoe - May 13 2010
Hi Redd,
Thanks for the note. The themes I used on the snapshots is a combination of an Aero-clone gtk, and an emerald theme. All I get from the description in emerald is 104389-smarald. Both came from gnome look. If you have trouble finding them let me know and I 'll see if I can dig up the URLs.

Neemoe - May 13 2010
Equinox GTK Engine

GTK2 Themes 257 comments

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Apr 27 2011
Yep! there it is. I thought it would be something simple.
Thanks for the reply.

Neemoe - Apr 07 2010
I know this is a dumb question but there do I find the Engine options? Running Mint 8.

Thank you - Apr 06 2010

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Mar 15 2010
Hi Paul56,
Thanks for the comment. But I am a bit confused. What snapshot were you referring to? The one on the front page or on the downloads page? Did you mean the icons on my desktop off the snapshot?

Neemoe - Mar 15 2010
Smokin Linux

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Jan 13 2010
Thanks zenren. Glad you like it. Been messing around with gimp. Hope to have more.
Neemoe - Jan 14 2010

KDE 4 Splashscreens
by rezz

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9   Feb 25 2011