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Nelson Álvarez Valdivia, Chile
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GTK2 Themes by Brahimsalem 10 comments

vale. Voy a borrar los potos entonces. - Dec 20 2013

GTK2 Themes by Brahimsalem 10 comments

Hi there! I left a message for you here, "Mirtita":

Hurry! It won't be there long!
And if you don't like being called an asshole, keep your comments constructive. Yeah, I could be giving a better example with my own comments... hmmm, food for thought.

And if you ever bother me or anyone around me again, I'll go to the police and have them find you wherever you hide. You'll have plenty of time to play your bass in jail for spreading my pictures on the internet. Get it? - Dec 20 2013

GTK2 Themes by Brahimsalem 10 comments

LOL :D - Jun 24 2013
Ambiance LXDE XFCE Fixed for GTK3

GTK2 Themes by nechus 6 comments

aaahh... ya entiendo. :)
Uno nunca termina de aprender! - Jun 22 2013
Ambiance LXDE XFCE Fixed for GTK3

GTK2 Themes by nechus 6 comments

Oh, gracias por el dato. Pero, ¿hay alguna razón en particular para eso? Cuando escribo sudo thunar en la terminal, thunar se abre con privilegios de root. La verdad es que no sé mucho de eso, así que si tú lo dices... bienvenido sea. :D Voy a ver qué pasa cuando uso gksu. - Jun 22 2013

GTK2 Themes by Brahimsalem 10 comments

Wonderful work, Brahimsalem. Please, ignore Chilean assholes like sotitrox. I'm Chilean, too, but I frequently feel ashamed because this country is full of jerks that go mad when they see that others can do things better than them, and then they say "it's OK, but it can be better". Chileans are the worst race on this planet. Believe me. - May 21 2013
Ambiance LXDE XFCE Fixed for GTK3

GTK2 Themes by nechus 6 comments

Hello. As I said in the description, this is not my work. I just mixed two themes by chance and this is the result. I uploaded this only because this solved my problem with GTK3 apps, which were not themed when I used RAVEfinity's original LXDE-XFCE theme. Hopefully somebody can fix the problem you are mentioning. - May 19 2013
Ubuntu drive bay label

Cliparts by nechus 2 comments

Hmm... I'll check. But you'll have to wait a little. My laptop was sent to service and has not come back yet. :( - Sep 25 2012

Ice-WM Themes by pingsuters 3 comments

This is a fantastic theme! Thank you! :) - May 20 2012

Cliparts by swt 1 comment

HA HA HA!!! Old, but still charming, and still true!!! XD - May 01 2012
Valparaiso - Chile

Wallpaper Other by desgua 2 comments

Are you sure you don't mean "Valparaíso"? Vitacura is one of Santiago's neighborhoods, on the Andes foothills, several miles away from the sea. Nice pic anyway! :) - Jun 21 2011
Ambiance Maverick

Openbox Themes by davidbarr 2 comments

Very well done! Those square buttons were a great idea. Thanks! - May 16 2011
Debian Orb 01, Bottom Panel

GnoMenu Skins by nechus 3 comments

???? - May 14 2011
Hello. I have been using this theme for years. But Ubuntu changed its logo and it's completely orange now. It would be great if you could ever make a new version of this cursor theme with the new logo? Thanks - May 14 2011
Faenza Clementine icon

Icon Sub-Sets by nechus 9 comments


Glad to know you solved your problem. Anyways, you can store the icon anywhere. In my case, I have a special folder called "Icons" in my home folder, where I keep all the icons that I download or create. This way I can save them forever. Then, if I want to use those icons, I use the Main Menu application in System>Preferences>Main Menu. This application lets you modify the names or icons of other apps in the gnome menu. If you don't have the Main Menu app in System>Preferences, install the package called "alacarte" via Synaptic.

Cheers - Jan 01 2011
Lubuntu Menu Button 02

Icon Sub-Sets by nechus 3 comments

Thanks for the information.
I'm sure this would make Alex very proud!! - Nov 15 2010
Lubuntu Menu Button 02

Icon Sub-Sets by nechus 3 comments



RedNotebook (Faenza style)

Icon Sub-Sets by javierpsilocybin 3 comments

Ah! I forgot I have to write in English. Zankiu, socitou. Pulentitou el iconéichon. XD (For those of you outside Chile, this is the North Amaraucanian version of English. The translation goes "Thank you, buddy. This is a great icon.") - Nov 02 2010

Full Icon Themes by tiheum 600 comments

You're over the top. And you like Pablo Neruda!!! You read him in French or Spanish? - Nov 01 2010
RedNotebook (Faenza style)

Icon Sub-Sets by javierpsilocybin 3 comments

Muy bonito pero... ¿cómo lo descargo?
Al hacer clic en "download" aparece el ícono en un fondo blanco. Al hacer clic en el ícono debería tener la opción de "Guardar imagen como...", pero dicha opción no está. Solamente está la opción de "Guardar página" y cuando escojo eso, me descarga una imagen svg que no es igual al ícono, sino solamente unos trazos negros y amarillos sobre un fondo rojo. ¿Qué será? - Oct 31 2010
Ambiance Refined III

GTK2 Themes by LordPickle 8 comments

Hi. Installed the repo, but I get a message telling me that it was impossible to download packages from it because it was not found. - Oct 29 2010
HAL Blue Button

GnoMenu Skins by sporkalicious 1 comment

It gives me the creeps! I can hear my laptop telling me "I'm scared. Please, don't turn me off. I have registered all the websites you've been visiting..." Help! I get goose bumps! XD
Downloading. Good job! - Oct 25 2010
Faenza Clementine icon

Icon Sub-Sets by nechus 9 comments

And, BTW, you have to correct a faint shadow on each side of the icon first. If you want me to do it for you, please tell me. - Oct 22 2010
Faenza Clementine icon

Icon Sub-Sets by nechus 9 comments

Oops...! Unfortunately, there is no xcf file. I just took the gnome-about-logo.png file from the .icons/Faenza/apps/48 folder, deleted the information logo and pasted the clementine logo. I didn't make it from scratch. I don't know how! :(

What I can share with you is the green base that resulted from this. I have made other Faenza icons for my personal use by changing the color of this base using GIMP.

Download it from - Oct 22 2010
Lubuntu Menu Button 01

Icon Sub-Sets by nechus 2 comments

De nada! Siempre uso Ubuntu, pero me encantó Lubuntu para reciclar algunos computadres viejos que me consigo con amigos. - Sep 21 2010

Openbox Themes by digidimi 5 comments

This theme really looks nice. It's great. But... do you think you could do a version with square buttons instead. If it's not possible to make round buttons look better in Openbox, I'd really appreciate square buttons. Thanks!! - Sep 19 2010

Openbox Themes by carlosmolines 5 comments

Este link de descarga me lleva a Karlinux, pero desde ahí no logro descargar nada al hacer clic en Ambiance Karlinux. Sería espectacular que lo pudieras reparar, porque tu tema está MUY BUENO y estoy resucitando un computador viejo con Lubuntu.
Gracias - Sep 19 2010
Sticker Style Fedora Orb, Bottom Panel

GnoMenu Skins by nechus 2 comments

Thanks for telling. It's very weird. I tried to upload the file many times to gnome-look, but it kept sending an error message. Eventually, I had to upload it to 4shared. - Sep 05 2010
NewUbuntuOrb v2 for top panel

GnoMenu Skins by nechus 2 comments

Thanks for thanking. Glad you liked it. - Sep 04 2010

GnoMenu Skins by nechus 3 comments

I'll see what I can do. Be patient, please. - Sep 03 2010
Star Trek

GnoMenu Skins by Bear73 15 comments

ABSOLUTELY, COMPLETELY AND INCREDIBLY GREAT!!!! Live long and prosper, pal. Thank you very much. - Sep 01 2010
Freeze much?

Wallpaper Other by Sixthlaw 4 comments

Very creative! I just wouldn't draw that gray halo framing the picture, but it looks nice anyway. And in just one day! - Jun 29 2010

Full Icon Themes by alecive 523 comments

Gosh! This is an amazing iconset! Congratulations and thank you very much! - Jun 16 2010
gnome wood

Wallpapers Gnome by starwolf 2 comments

Hello, starwolf!

Do you think you could post this wallpaper without the Gnome foot? or Can I download it from another place? Thanks - Apr 23 2010
Karmic wood

Wallpaper Other by aktarus 5 comments

I love it. - Apr 23 2010
Wood House

Gnome Screenshots by agas 4 comments

What icon theme are you using? Thanks - Apr 23 2010
Renovado Purple

Wallpaper Other by nechus 2 comments

Thanks for your words.

The logo I'm using is the one you can get from and other websites.

When I changed the background color to purple I had a lot of trouble with the little circle with the Ubuntu logo because its border got pixelized. I'm not very skillful, so I had to make a lot of tricks to get a smooth border. I used another application called IrfanView (made for Window$ but easily installable on Ubuntu under Wine) and changed the color of the circle. Then, in GIMP, I selected and cut the circle using the round selection tool, painted the empty space and pasted the circle again using the cut circle as a paintbrush. And that's why I don't have a backup of the logo. It was just an image in the clipboard. Sorry! - Mar 06 2010

Full Icon Themes by nechus 5 comments

Hello, lyceuhns. Muito obrigado for your kind comments. (My Portuguese is horrible!)

Yes, some icons are missing. I'll try to fix that, but I'm very limited because I'm not a programmer and I depend on the work others have done before, so if there's no specific icon in the theme that I'm using as a base, I don't know how to add new icons to the theme. :(

Concerning the descriptions written on the icons, I thought it would be useful, because sometimes you need to know what kind of file you are dealing with. But I guess some people prefer the icons without a description, so I think I could make a "no description" icon set. But that will have to wait because I'm gonna be really busy until the end of January. Anyway, I see that people keep downloading my icons, so I'm gonna take some time to update them by the end of January.

Thanks again, and congratulations on living in such a wonderful country. I was in Rio some years ago, and it was absolutely fascinating. People are sooo kind and welcoming. I wish everyone was like that here in Chile, but we have no "turist culture".

Chao! - Dec 28 2009

Full Icon Themes by nechus 5 comments

Go ahead!! I'll be working on this icon theme during the last days of this month or in January. - Dec 11 2009
Elegant Speaker

Icon Sub-Sets by najmudin 5 comments

Thank you very much for the loudspeaker. You did a great job. You really deserve a lot of encouragement.
Do you mind if I ask you a couple of things:
First of all, there is a German guy called Sebastian Kraft who's developing a music player called Cactus Jukebox. The thing is that the icon for his player is absolutely lousy. I was wondering if it could be possible for you to make a version of this loudspeaker that matches the colors of Cactus Jukebox, that is, green and brown, mainly, I guess (the colors of a cactus). You can check to see what it is about.
Secondly, I was searching for something new to listen to on the Internet the other day, and I came across some songs by an Egyptian singer called Hakim, and now I'm crazy for his music! But I can't understand a single word, because my mother tongue is Spanish. Could I possibly ask you to help me with the lyrics to Eda Baa, which is my favorite song by Hakim? If you could at least give me an idea of what the song is about, that would be enough.
If you can help me, you can reply to alvarezferna at gmail dot com.
Thanks a lot! - Nov 16 2009
Oxygen Blend

GTK2 Themes by dabutorac 19 comments

Muy bonito! Gracias! - Oct 24 2009

Wallpapers Ubuntu by tdavos 3 comments

C'mon! Do you really think that gay men spend their life thinking of nothing but naked guys? Do you have any idea of what I'm thinking right now...? Let me see... er... well, yes, you might be right. I give up. Voting good. - Oct 19 2009
Silent Night Dark Enhanced

GTK2 Themes by Maike05 9 comments

I'm amazed. Silent Night was perfect, and now you've made it better! You're going beyond perfection! - Oct 13 2009
What makes the world go round?

Wallpaper Other by nechus 4 comments

That's the correct answer! I thought nobody would guess! - Sep 25 2009
Mail from South Africa 1280x800

Wallpaper Other by nechus 2 comments

Ha, ha, ha! Yes, you're right. Well, I still have a romantic view of mail and miss the time when the postman was in charge of bringing the letters to you, not only bills to pay. Actually, I used to collect stamps and post cards when I was a kid. - Sep 24 2009
Gimp splash pencils

Gimp Splashes by uggi 13 comments

Grazie mille! - Sep 24 2009
What makes the world go round?

Wallpaper Other by nechus 4 comments

OK. Fixed. Lesson for everyone: Do not upload files with names that include a question mark. They won't upload. - Sep 23 2009

GTK2 Themes by kreator 38 comments

You rock, man! You're number one!!
I'm gonna be a fan of this. You're a genius!! - Sep 22 2009

Wallpaper Other by PaKoX 4 comments

a tu mail? - Sep 22 2009

Wallpaper Other by PaKoX 4 comments

Me gustaría mostrarte una pequeña modificación que le hice a tu wallpaper. - Sep 22 2009
Windows 8

GTK3/4 Themes
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