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Oct 13 2011
Hi, cheers for the interest!

It's not possible to do that at this time. The scrollbars in those apps are hard coded. I have heard of some extensions i.e. for firefox that can change the appearance of the scrollbars but it can't be done at the theme level. - Nov 12 2011
Hi! Do you mean the nautilus side-panel? If so you can theme it by using the following css:

NautilusWindow .sidebar,
NautilusWindow .sidebar .view {
background-color: @fg_color;
color: @selected_fg_color;

Where my fg_color for the theme is dark and selected_fg_color will contrast with the dark colour (ie white). - Oct 15 2011
Also .themes will be a hidden folder (as any folder with a full stop in front of it is) so to see it when you are extracting the zip, move to your home directory and press ctrl+h - Oct 14 2011
Hi! If you've just installed Oneiric you need to create a directory in your home folder called .themes and extract the folders from the .zip to it. Then open software centre and install gnome-tweak-tools. Open gnome-tweak-tools and click on theme to change gtk and window theme to Elements(unity). - Oct 14 2011
The issue has been fixed and uploaded. - Oct 13 2011
Thanks for the bug report! I'll look into a fix and see what else may be affected. - Oct 13 2011

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Sep 05 2011
I'll have a look into it. Cheers for the bug! I'm not sure where the desktop icon text color is pulled from (probably something to do with nautilus as it paints the desktop) but when I find out I can make a version for dark desktops. - Oct 18 2011
Hi! The elementary guys a working on porting elementary to Gtk3.0 it's still a bit rough around the edges but coming along quite nicely and will be great by the time luna comes out. When that happens I plan on simply giving it unity integration and leaving the theme itself untouched. - Oct 14 2011
I'm guessing it must have something to do with using the elementary Metacity as Fedora 15 uses mutter. I'll log in to my Fedora partition and see if I can make something happen. - Sep 01 2011
Hi! I just cobbled it together the other day by adding elementary metacity and tweaking Radiance colours and gradients so no repo yet. I'd love to see what you have in mind though.

At the moment I'm trying to fit the entire elementary Gtk2.0 theme as it has better chrome(ium) and Banshee (both Gtk2.0 apps at the moment) theming options than the current Radiance Gtk2.0. I guess I could try integrating the elementary code in Radiance for a cleaner Gtk.

Anyhow, feel free to tweak anything about the theme. And let me know where to find the results! - Sep 01 2011
The elementary Gtk2.0 theme uses the murrine engine. I thought this came in fedora by default but it may not. - Aug 31 2011
Sorry! I forgot to mention that on fedora you would have to install the Unico theme engine. - Aug 29 2011

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Apr 22 2011
Cheers! And that last comment I made was directed at that other guy, not you. It's hard not to get angry when people a needlessly aggressive like him. - Apr 28 2011
Hi, sorry for the late response, I haven't checked back here in a while.

Open the gtkrc in the elementary theme folder and place a # in front of these two lines:

widget_class "*GtkHPaned" style "pixmap-paned"

widget_class "*GtkVPaned" style "pixmap-paned" - Apr 28 2011
Hey dude settle down, it's just a desktop. I think there's room for everyone in the linux community. Also, linux is the kernel, gnome is a desktop environment. - Apr 28 2011
Unity is the new shell(desktop) for ubuntu. Some people hate it, some people love it. Elementary didn't theme it properly so I made it do so because I love the theme so much.

Shuttlworth put the window buttons to the left and people cried. Unity is making them slit their linux loving wrists. I for one think the more the linux comunity fractures and differentiates the better, everything was getting really freaking homogeneous for while there. - Apr 23 2011
Cheers! ...but as I said, this is simply a port of the elementary os theme, I claim no credit for any design elements (except for adding a small gap between tabs and making menu prelight text dark instead of white). The original theme doesn't paint the panel and menus properly in ubuntu 11.04 but it does contain all the stuff necessary to make it so.

Yeah, it might be an idea to upload a version without breadcrumbs as I think, at least for a while, nautilus elementary may be less ubiquitous than in previous ubuntu releases.

The grab handles have always looked a bit garish to me too but I wanted to keep everything as true as possible to the elementary teams original concept. You can always comment those out too. - Apr 22 2011
Nope, not as yet. The unity default fallback icons (invoked whenever a theme with a name other than "Ambiance" is chosen) are hard coded. The only theme-able aspect to them is that the minimise and unmaximise buttons change to whatever colour you make the panel menubar/maximised-window-title.

Hopefully the panel will become more flexible in the 11.10 development cycle. - Apr 22 2011

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Apr 18 2011
Yeah, I've had a look at that. MS office running under wine from the ubuntu repositories seems to work well enough (after a few tweaks) for me. Though I've heard that the codeweavers suite works a lot better. - Apr 21 2011
Ha! Yeah, my university uses the ms office suite. Sometimes we "hand in" files instead of paper.

While word .doc compatability is OK, the debilitating excel (especially with graphs and figures) and powerpoint compatibility issues render libreoffice absolutely useless for anything I use office software for on a day to day basis. - Apr 20 2011
Oh, I have the widget factory but it hasn't been updated in yonks and doesn't display the theme as well as normal applications because the panel has stolen the menu.

The progress bars are almost identical to the elementary theme but lighter. I'm hoping to mess around with them on the weekend and see what I can do. - Mar 29 2011
Cheers! I'm on a large laptop + external monitor at the moment and don't have a netbook to try it out on so that would be brilliant.

Yeah, the scroll bars are a little wide for me too, a lot of people were complaining about the new ultra thin bars in elementary so I thought I'd make them really fat. The current ones are just place-holders though, I was wanting to make them somewhat similar to the unity scrollbars once the the design had been finalised for the Natty release (which I believe it has now).

Cool, install Natty and theme away! It's definitely stable enough for everyday use at the moment (in my personal experience).

Thanks for the feedback! - Mar 29 2011
Cheers, the buttons were always a little smaller in the light theme than in the mono theme, but I have moved them a bit further from the window border as per your suggestion and I think the metacity is looking a lot better for it. I have greatly reduced the size of the buttons in mono also and they sit nicely in the background now instead of taking over.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it's very useful hearing back from people who have a good eye for design. - Mar 29 2011
Cheers for the feedback! Yeah the buttons are probably a few pix too big, I'll get on that. I removed the earlier releases because I found a couple of glaring problems but the "light" version will be back up soon. - Mar 25 2011
Cheers for the feedback! Yeah the buttons are probably a few pix too big, I'll get on that. I removed the earlier releases because I found a couple of glaring problems but the "light" version will be back up soon. - Mar 25 2011
Yeah, good point. I was kinda 50-50 on the dark side panel. Seems a bit much and kind of takes over a bit. Cheers for the feedback! - Mar 24 2011
Ubuntu Fitts Ambiance (Natty Only)

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Mar 30 2011
I like the bold use of Ubuntu orange in the nautilus sidebar. Very vibrant and striking theme, the Ambiance Fitts metacity works really well with the colours. - Mar 29 2011
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Minimal LittleGlass

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