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Full Icon Themes 23 comments

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Dec 26 2018
I don't care if you vote yes or no. This is the icon theme what I use and I just want to share with people so they can use. I don't want to be in top10 in here or something else. Also you can make all of your 3 comments in 1. Please do not flood comments. Lastly I am keeping it in GitHub because this theme based on Papirus icon theme (located in GitHub and installation by script) and some icons located in my Dropbox so that the script in GitHub page of this theme will make it just on command line I can not update also files here when I make new changes.

Thank you for understanding.. - Dec 30 2018
Hello, Please visit the GitHub page from link and follow instructions - Dec 27 2018

No! it is not like that

On Terminal run following command;

wget -qO- | sh; wget -qO- | sh;cd /usr/share/icons; sudo rm -rf ePapirus Papirus-Adapta Papirus-Adapta-Nokto Papirus-Light;sudo wget ; sudo tar -xvf Papirus.tar;sudo rm -rf Papirus.tar

Cheers! - Apr 08 2018
Hello, If you look to my installation script carefully , I have a .tar file and inside it .svg files located in Dropbox so i updated them. That's why I gave update - Apr 08 2018
I understand your wish but because of it is highly depends to original Papirus theme and they are giving always update to the theme the script in GitHub will make us able to keep icons update. So maybe i will create in the future but at this time we will not able to contiune to get updates for new icons which added by Papirus team. - Mar 09 2018
Hello, yes it is forked icon theme.
I don't like the folder icons of Papirus. Chrome, Spotify, Android Studio and Sublime Text icons as well.
So i fork original one (as it is opensource) and modified to my wish. Especially folder icons are perfect with dark themes (my opinion). - Mar 09 2018

Conky 9 comments

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Feb 12 2019
Please visit GitHub repository of the project and apply the installation steps one by one.
- Sep 26 2018

Cursors 32 comments

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Feb 12 2019
Hello, I really do not have any idea about Windows. This theme for Linux but maybe you can find some script/programs to do that. I am not sure - May 27 2018
Hello, you can go to GitHub page. In there there is installation script - May 27 2018
I will try this also as soon as possible :) thanks for advice. - Mar 21 2018

GTK3 Themes 29 comments

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Dec 26 2018
Hello he is right i was using also userContent.css file to make Firefox looks good with dark themes. Actually we can make it by theme wide but at this time theme will not be that much fits with darkness. Maybe there is a way i don't know. But also as I remember the good themes making some special folders for Chrome,Firefox ... - Mar 21 2018
Thank you for your feedback. I will take care the issue when i have time and notify you :) - Mar 09 2018

Can you create an issue with screenshot at the link bellow.

thank you for your feedback. - Mar 07 2018
I didn't know that it not exist in English. In my language it is like vektorel. is like coming from vectors or more like include elements as a vectors. - Feb 16 2018
No it is not invention actually they are located inside symbolic folder inside Papirus icons i said vectorel bec of they adapt to sizes of folder's any i opened one issue on Papirus project and saying symbolic to that icons not true so that's why i said vectorel as they are .svg source - Feb 16 2018

They have also screenshots there. You can check it. Folder Icons like in Side panel. For my opinion they are better fits with dark themes. - Feb 16 2018
Exactly :) just try it they are vectorel and smoother :) - Feb 16 2018
Thank you for your feedback i checked the link which you send. You added grey version of folders. But i wanted to mention you that vectorel folder version.
You can see from that GitHub link. It will be better fit with dark themes. - Feb 16 2018
Icons are Papirus Icon theme with Grey-Folders.(Originaly they are blue). I made a variotion of Papirus theme for dark GTK themes they are also here.
- Feb 15 2018
please read the description. It is hosted on GitHub with Installation script . - Jan 16 2018
Hello, thank you for your good words :) I am currently running Arch but when I was Manjaro user I played with that theme and I still like it so much and I just want to share maybe someone else wants to try, especially Manjaro users. If people wants so much I can try new colors but for now I do not have this plan. But if I get any issue to this version in GitHub ofcourse I will try to fix it. - Jan 04 2018