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Raphael  Mattos , Brazil
Feisty Human 2

GTK2 Themes 9 comments

by moita
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Aug 01 2007
Hi there. I'll update the main text about this too, but I felt obligated to inform you. There actually is a really easy way to change the colors of the theme.

Ubuntu human theme doesn't allow it, but I rewrote most of the gtkrc file to use ubuntulooks in this theme so it would be possible to change the colors.

Just open gnome theme manager, choose my theme, and click on preferences. In there, you'll find a "color" tab, and there you can change whatever you want.

Of course, there is a problem. The metacity theme is a pixmap, so the color of the titlebar won't change. but you can still do that using gimp. the pixmaps are inside your ~/.themes/Feisty Human/metacity folder.

Thanks for the comments, I hope I could help. - Aug 01 2007
No, it isn't just the metacity theme. I meant to improve the whole human theme. I didn't like that yellow highlight on list items, so i made orange, i changed just about all the colors, it's a bit darker. and the progress bar is quite brighter.

Anyway, That's why the theme has he name human in it, it is supposed to be able to replace it keeping ubuntu's identity. - Aug 01 2007
That's the one! Only works with a composite capable window manager, compiz fusion, in my case. - Aug 01 2007
Feisty New Human

GTK2 Themes 17 comments

by moita
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Mar 30 2007
Thanks for all the complements guys.

Voiceless, that was exactly my complaint too, so i worked around it a little bit, using ubuntulooks engine.

The only problem is that I haven't been able to reproduce all the features in the original theme, but I'me getting closer and eventually will manage to update the theme. - Jul 30 2007
Hum, sorry for that, i saw your screenshot again and noticed clearlooks is installed... Now i really can't figure this out... I thought that would be the single dependency... I'll try to solve this one and get back here. - Apr 01 2007
Oh, that's probabily because you don't have clearlooks gtk2 engine installed. Try looking for that with synaptic and install it, it should work then.
- Apr 01 2007
Oh, that's the ubuntu system panel. I6t's areal shame that it hasn't made in to the official repository, 'cause I think it's way better than SLED (novell's menu).

Anyway, here's a link (you'll need to register yourself in ubuntu foruns, no big deal): - Mar 30 2007
Me too. That's odd... I deleted the theme and then installed it using the packge and it works here...

If anyone else experiences the same bug we might get some help. But, by now, try editing the ~/.themes/Feisty Human/index.theme file, commenting the GtkColorScheme line.

Everything will be blue, though. You have to open gnome-theme-manager e change the colors in the personalize dialog.

good luck. - Mar 29 2007
what's your gnome version? i think this will only work from 2.17.x. In ubuntu this first time this feature (color choice) came up was in Feisty's alphas... I'll try to work around that.
Thanks! - Mar 29 2007
Feisty New Human - other colors

Beryl/Emerald Themes 7 comments

by moita
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Apr 03 2007
Sure! I think it's gonna take a few days, since i'll be a little busy, but that's a good idea. - Apr 05 2007
Transparent Glass (vrunner)

Compiz Themes 2 comments

by moita
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Aug 26 2006
The icnos are from nuove XT, i got it here at gnome-look, and the font is purisa. I'm not sure where i found that one. - Aug 17 2006
Transparent Glass

Compiz Themes 3 comments

by moita
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Aug 26 2006
The title bar font is URW Gothic L. And the application font is Purisa. I don't really know where i got it from, but it might have something to do with the windows fonts I added. - Aug 15 2006
Blender Color Glass Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu 2 comments

by moita
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Apr 17 2006
Sure, but not as soon as i'd like. - Apr 14 2006