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System Software by afiestas 58 comments

Is there any way how to add option "sent through bluetooth" to the kde dialog / actions? Or can you add option to the kbluetooth

kbluetooth --send <file> <phone>

the same like blueman can do with blueman-sendto. - Dec 10 2009
kde4 bluetooth files open

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by sergeidanilov 40 comments

You should replace /usr/bin/cat to only cat.
And why you wrote that it is not working with dolphin? I changed konqueror to dolphin and it works. But nice work I didn't know that exists something like obexfs and I hope that they will add something like this to kbluetooth4.
- Aug 10 2009

System Software by MxCl 125 comments

Nice application, but still not perfect.
When I delete or remove some file using the Filelight, it should recalculate the graph without reading all data again.
In the program called scanner for Windows ( it works perfect.

Second problem is with the line used to write address to be scanned. When I write there something like /usr/src/ it works ok, but if I want scan smb:// the program try to scan /home/user/smb:// - May 08 2009

System Software by dkukawka 157 comments

I have found it. I had to have installed pm-utils. But I have another problem autodimm is not working although dimming itself works. Do you have any idea? Is normal that always I click on "refresh" dimm, it sets on 0% ? - Nov 24 2007

System Software by dkukawka 157 comments

How can I restart some service or run my script before and after suspending? Where can I setup it? - Nov 24 2007