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M Musashi

GTK2 Themes by mpetzoldt 15 comments

This is one of the best themes I've found for using with Ubuntu. Unfortunately, with Gutsy there seems to be a conflict between this them and open office. Using this them OO.o hangs. With another theme it works.

Any chance you could update this for the new version of Gnome? Also, it would be nice to have some other color options or maybe the ability to use the color chooser in Ubuntu to adjust colors.

Anyway, thanks for a great theme. - Oct 21 2007
Ubuntu Sleek

GDM Themes by mournsanity 4 comments

Thanks for the new size option. I was just trying to figure out how to do this without the source file. I don't suppose you have a nice high resolution wide screen version? - Mar 14 2007
openSUSE 5:4

Wallpaper Other by troseph 4 comments

I really like this wallpaper, but I'm wondering if you could provide a version without text. Or perhaps with the source file I could modify it myself - perhaps because I'm not sure how but I'll try. Thanks. - Mar 13 2007