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Michal Tomlein Samorin, Slovak Republic
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Apr 04 2009

It's a bit of a coincidence - just yesterday I received an e-mail from somebody who was kind enough to make an Ubuntu package (

You can install it like this:
deb jaunty main
sudo apt-get install itest

I hope it works for you. - Jun 09 2009
I know about this problem already - it is solved. Please download the new source code - iTest-1.2.0-1-src.tar.gz from Sourceforge.
Sorry for inconvenience, I should have tried iTest under Linux before releasing, my fault. This problem does not occur under any other platform. - Sep 10 2007
Hi again,
I have had a look at your app and I think it is very interesting. The user interface looks wonderful. I tried to search for any ts files, but I only found gui_en.ts, which was in Spanish and there wasn't much to translate anyway.
Are you planing to translate your app to English? Because then, if you wanted, I could also translate it to Slovak. Would you like that, or you don't need it? - Sep 09 2007
thank you for the kind words.
If you send me an email to, I can send you the newest blank ts files to work with.
Oh, and please download the newest iTest 1.2.0 - there are many new features to try out. I hope they'll all work for you. If not, please send a report.
Thanks for using iTest. - Sep 09 2007
I've been thinking and can't figure out why would Trolltech decide not to use the system font in Qt 4.3, when one of the main things they focus on is system integration. Qt 4.3 now even blends the window title bar and the toolbar together (by the way, that was also one of the reasons I switched to 4.3, I hated the way iTest looked under Mac OS X with 4.2). I've searched for some screenshots with Qt 4.3 under Mac OS X, and it doesn't seem to me that it isn't the system font. But if you're right, then Trolltech has made a big mistake.
I have just remembered another reason why I switched: most of the people, who still use Qt 4.2, use Qt 4.2.3 and this one contains a serious bug (I reported it a long time ago, it is solved in Qt 4.3) - the items in a QListWidget didn't behave correctly when hidden, which is a feature I use a lot in iTest.
I had to warn people not to use 4.2.3 and still they did. Now they are forced not to ;-) - Jun 23 2007
I didn't know there were problems with Qt 4.3. I use openSUSE and I have installed Qt 4.3 from the official repository a couple of weeks ago. It seems to work well. Anyway, I decided to switch to Qt 4.3, because people will eventually upgrade to this version, and when they do, they won't be able to run iTest 1.1.0. Believe me, I've tried it, and the Qt 4.2-style grid layouts don't render correctly under Qt 4.3. It took me a couple of hours until I found the problem and I had to save the .ui files under Qt Designer 4.3, which made them incompatible with 4.2 (due to several changes in the QGridLayout class).
I haven't tried other distributions, but I can't believe they are so slow in releasing the new Qt 4.3 packages. As I say, I downloaded them from the official openSUSE repository weeks ago.
I am sorry - I really didn't realise there could be any problems. As for Mac OS X, we can only hope Qt 4.3.1 will solve the problems. - Jun 23 2007
thank you, I am glad you like iTest.
If you give me your email, I can send you the .ts files. Mine is You can also find them in the source code package, which can be downloaded at Sourceforge. They are located in these folders: database_editor/i18n and test_writer/i18n.
All contributions are welcome :-)
Please contact me if you need any further information. - Jun 19 2007
I simply wanted to save teachers' time. ;-)
I've always thought - is there no better way of writing tests? First I was looking for some software that would do the job, but having found nothing that worked the way I expected a software like this to work, I started my own project.
I developed it primarily for my father, who could use it at a university, but since I like the idea of open source software, I just couldn't help sharing it. :-) - May 30 2007

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Feb 26 2008
I really like HaiQ, it's a great project and it works perfectly for me (version 0.2).
There is one thing, though, that I would improve: could you change the "View tag list for current class" window into a QDockWidget, which I could turn on and off in the View menu? It would help me greatly.
Also, are you planning to make a new icon for HaiQ? I know this is not an important issue, but I would like to have a nicer icon on my desktop, which would represent HaiQ better.
Anyway, keep up the good work. - Sep 20 2007

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Jul 04 2008
Thanks, I originally wanted to add that return statement, but sometimes I easily get distracted and tend to forget things. :-)
Anyway, normally nothing should happen, because SplitUI is supposed to be called automatically by the maketool with the argument specified. - Jul 01 2007
I would like to apologise to Vovanec, the creator of the ui2cpp wizard. I chose the same name for this little programme, not knowing about the existence of Vovanec's programme.
I only noticed it a couple of minutes ago and decided to change it immediately to prevent confusion.
Luckily, there has only been one download (the counter says 2, but the first was me testing the link :-)).
Well, enjoy, and don't forget to have a look at Vovanec's project, it's very good. - Jun 29 2007

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Jun 27 2007
nice app. Are you sure it belongs to this category? I'd say it belongs to Administration/System Tools.
A description would be nice, too. - Jun 24 2007