Unfortunately, plymouth didn't work. I got some "error" and "not found" during boot up, but couldn't read it. Tried to see some journalctl -b but there are too many lines and after few minutes of scrolling, I lost hope I will find it in that jungle. Tried | grep error but no luck. Seems like it didn't list all error messages somehow :( - Apr 21 2017
There was no themes directory there. I created it and copied the unpacked alienware-splash directory, still no luck. System doesn't see it and when trying to apply I get:

/usr/share/plymouth/themes/alienware-splash/alienware-splash.plymouth does not exist

I put the alienware-splash directory in /usr/share/plymouth/themes/alienware-splash/ at the beginning and I left it there. It looks as if it was looking for a specific file there: alienware-splash.plymouth. Yours have only theme.plymouth. I changed it to alienware-splash.plymouth and voila. System sees your plymouth correctly :). Now I hope it will work well after applying, will let you know. - Apr 21 2017
I have alienware laptop so this plymouth seemed perfect. I unpacked the file, moved to /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ and... the system doesn't see it. When using:

sudo plymouth-set-default-theme alienware-splash

I got a message that plymouth does not exist. It's also not showed on a plymouth list. Is it outdated or so? Has anyone idea how to fix it? Or am I doing something wrong? - Apr 20 2017
Maia Transparent

Plasma Themes by michaldybczak 46 comments

If you would like to test fully transparent title bar, check Auro-G. It's a transparency overkill ;P. Even I cannot use it. - Feb 12 2017
Maia Transparent

Plasma Themes by michaldybczak 46 comments

Thanks :)

Plasma 5.9 is still not available on Manjaro - my main system. I hope it will show up in incoming weeks. However from what I heard, despite introducing general Look-And-Feel packs, there is still no gui way to compose them together and import to a kde store. I could do it manually but so far I have no way to check it out how it all works. I suspect it will take months till 5.9 matures and I will figure out how to do it.

The second thing is, there is so many ways the desktop can be set so I'm not sure if my pre-defined look will make sense for someone. For me, such packs are just a quick way to set most things, but you still need to adjust panel and other things manually.

At the moment if you want semi-transparent title bars, use Freeze titlebar theme. There are some fully transparent ones but I found out they are not usable on the long run. Semi-transparent is a compromise and it can work, although it won't be liked by many. Just imagine few maxed out windows. All title bars will be overlapping on each other making it not look good. I still use such setting, but it's an acquired taste and other settings like wallpaper won't help with it. As to Konsole, you need to tweak profile settings for a semi-transparent look - this one works well and gives awesome feel :).

To sum it up, if there will be look and feel pack, it's not coming soon, but will there be one, I am not sure. Too early to tell. - Feb 12 2017
Maia Transparent

Plasma Themes by michaldybczak 46 comments

This is deliberately an extreme transparent theme and I like to keep it that way. This means, it will only work well with dark, homogeneous wallpapers as showed in screen above. When using different wallpapers it is advised to switch to Maia or other semi-transparent themes that do have background, which makes easier to read text. - Jan 29 2017
Real glass

Gnome Shell Themes by Karmicbastler 17 comments

Theme seems to be dead. There are two external links and both lead to nowhere. That is why links here are always a bad idea. - Aug 03 2016

Icon Sub-Sets by EepSetiawan 30 comments

When setting those icons it messes the whole gnome tweak (gigantic icons) so it's even hard to revert to other icon pack :(. - May 19 2016

Icon Sub-Sets by EepSetiawan 41 comments

Setting those icons just takes icons back to some default view, so they look nothing like on screens above :(. - May 19 2016
Glassfull 3.14

Gnome Shell Themes by MarekP 6 comments

Link doesn't work anymore :(
What was the name of it so we could google it? - Apr 17 2016
Dark Mode

Gnome Shell Themes by hakamybs 27 comments

Although I would like to see more transparency in background. - Apr 17 2016