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D L F Siegen, Germany

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

Whoa! And it has split view! :) Wonderful app! Thanks so much! - Jun 22 2011
black + white icons

Icon Sub-Sets by carpelinx 94 comments

Another question: is there a chance to get the vector graphics (the “sources”)? Then, we can find a way to port it to kde4… - Jun 06 2011
Faber Cursors

Cursors by McFraggle 29 comments

Eeehm, never heard about this. And I can't imagine that a cursor theme causes that behavior. No Problems with other cursor themes installed the same way? What Distri? What Versions? Think you're using Gnome? Have you tried it with another user on the same machine?

Dan - Mar 10 2011
MIB Ossigeno

Full Icon Themes by symbianflo 18 comments

Got it... Sorry...
It was a problem of “rekonq”, kubuntu’s new web browser ― I use it for two days now. It seems that rekonq has problems with the automatic forwarding. I successfully downloaded your icons recently with opera. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the nice icons. :) - Dec 16 2010
MIB Ossigeno

Full Icon Themes by symbianflo 18 comments

I always get Error 404 when trying to download the icons... 8| - Dec 15 2010

Full Icon Themes by linuxfever 117 comments

Nice work, but I don't use it because the theme is a little to incomplete and the style doesn't look very well in combination with oxygen. Maybe you could use some of the beautiful black icons from “leo-like-icons V3”? I think, for example, on the day/week/...-icons of Kalendar.
I will subscripe to your theme to see what future brings! :) Keep on! - Mar 16 2010
Faber Cursors

Cursors by McFraggle 29 comments

Thanks! ;) - Jan 28 2010

Plasma Themes by tuxmaniak1 10 comments

One more theme with a black panel... but very very nice! - Mar 17 2009
Faber Cursors

Cursors by McFraggle 29 comments

Ahh... I'm a little confused...
You're using Gnome?? Hm. I'm using KDE and everything works fine. A friend of mine, using gnome, hasn't any problems as well and nobody told me about those problems before. I have "index.theme"-files in every themes root directory. I thought that's all what is neccessary. (I can't find this cursor.theme-files in other cursor-tar-balls, too.)
What are that "cursor.theme"-files? Can you tell me something more, please??? Thanks! ;) - May 27 2008

Cursors by kwindva 10 comments

I haven't installed it up to now, but this is what I think about it after taking a look on the animated preview:

Nice idea, but I would suggest to change the question-sign-cursor (bad) and to offer the mouse theme with other color-themes (less lurid). A smaller version would be nice too. But this only what I think....
I will subscribe to your theme. Maybe I will use it another day... Keep it up! ;) - May 27 2008
Linux Rocks On

Wallpaper Other by g33z 1 comment

Cool penguin! I just don't like the background. Is it possible to get only the penguin? Maybe as svg? - May 09 2008
Faber Cursors

Cursors by McFraggle 29 comments

Some more informations would be nice.
o What window manager?
o How did you install the theme?
o What means "cannot get them to work"? (can't select the theme, selection doesn't have a effect...)
o Have you already installed another mouse theme successfully?

The theme works under feisty and gutsy with KDE and Gnome. I have tried it under hardy with KDE4. There, the theme works, but the resize-cursors at the window corners are swapped (I think it's a kwin-thing). - May 06 2008
ubuntu logo

Fonts by ahah 5 comments

The content type is "wallpaper", not "font". But the wallpaper looks nice. A Kubuntu-version would be great! ;) - May 03 2008
Faber Cursors

Cursors by McFraggle 29 comments

You simply need a set of raster graphics (png's), one for each mouse cursor type. That's the hardest part. How you make this png's is up to you. I use svg-graphics that get rendered to png's via inkscape, further processed by image magick.
For the final step - converting the png's to X11 cursors - you can use xcursorgen.
Look here:

For the filenames and the structure of a KDE-ursor-pack, simply take a look into the tar-balls of some existing mouse themes.
Dan - May 02 2008
Faber Cursors

Cursors by McFraggle 29 comments

Ok, I hope the colors are approximately the way you wanted them. :)
The lighter one is 6f7376 (65% opacity) and the darker one is 3c4043 (75% opacity).
At the moment, I don't use color gradients or shadows. Maybe I will add those optical sugar with the next version of my build scripts. Gradients could be problematic indeed, because of the slim shapes of my theme. I don't know if it will look a way dirty... We'll see...

If you want other colors, please tell me the RGB-values (and the opacity-values). When I have a new version of my build-scrips, I think I will post them here for download. So everybody can generate a version for his/her own needs.

Sorry for keep you waiting... - Mar 30 2008
Alessandra Ambrosio Vector

Wallpaper Other by Sekisushai 4 comments

download link is broken - Mar 10 2008
Faber Cursors

Cursors by McFraggle 29 comments

Hi! Thanks! :)
Yes, it's possible. But do you really want them in "all black"? No gray on the inside or the outline? You would have no chance to see them on a black (or very dark) background. Have you a "light-on-dark" color scheme on your desktop and apps (dark backgound, light fonts...)?
In this case i would recommend a cursor theme with black inside and a gray or gray-blue outline of medium luminance.

Tell me, I will do it... :)
- Mar 10 2008

System Software
by Sho

9   Jun 22 2011