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Eugene Magdalits

Plasma 4 Extensions by Jinidog 87 comments

Hello! I've installed your widget and I like it, but there's some proplems with layouts (ru and us). When there's only russian or only english layout - it's okay, all works perfectly. But when I have both layouts, there are problems:

1. When XkbLayout is set to "us, ru", us layout works fine. Russian layout, however, has some keys missing (1, 2, 5, 6, 7, - and =): this buttons are blanc and pressing them switches layout back to us. Pressing shift also switches layout to us.

2. When XkbLayout is set to "ru, us" (ru first), both layouts has all their keys and look normal, but pressing shift still switches layout to us (not to default ru). Afterwards layout switching it bugging for a while, and I can't go back to ru until I reopen widget.

I would be grateful, if you would fix this bug, because your board is arguably the best virtual keyboard implementation on Linux (not only for KDE), and I really like to use it. Or, may be, there's a shamanistic trick (like changing layouts order), that could "fix" it? That would be enough =)

I'm running Arch Linux on kernel. Sorry for poor english. - Apr 08 2011