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Bob Penguin West Lafayette, United States of America
tux can fly

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by ajdaranik 5 comments

What's with the bad rating on this splash screen? Sure it's not a shiny new Moodin engine theme, but it's humorous and the artwork is simple and clear. - Apr 18 2007
Mrs Rat and Mr Perch

Wallpaper Other by ulbe 1 comment

Your work is very surreal. Keep it up. - Apr 11 2007
Stop button

Cliparts by barbablues 3 comments

I think I'll change my desktop theme to mimic XP, then put this there to mess with peoples' heads :P - Mar 22 2007
Designed For KDE new

Cliparts by qazmalar 5 comments

That is the best use of the color blue that I have seen in a long time. - Mar 19 2007

Wallpaper Other by xactive 7 comments

Click the word "Gimpress" above the preview. The thumbnail links to the 800x600 preview, the text links to the .tar.gz archive. - Mar 07 2007
Altimit OS

Beryl/Emerald Themes by KiteDH 5 comments

Your homepage link is broken. - Feb 21 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by connedy 13 comments

Kickoff packages also exist for Kubuntu and other distros. - Feb 20 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes by logixoul 10 comments

Great work! Would you mind posting the color scheme and QTCurve config? - Jan 29 2007
Kubuntu Power

Wallpapers Kubuntu by Sephiroth6779 4 comments

My jaw doesn't often drop.

It just did. - Jan 23 2007
Gears SVG

Wallpaper Other by ChristianNickel 2 comments

In Inkscape, there'll be an Export as Pixmap option or such, I think it's in the File menu. From there you can export it to whatever size png, jpg, or other type. - Jan 10 2007
Academia 3 - 2

KDE Plasma Screenshots by promete7 4 comments

That taskbar is a superkaramba theme from somewhere on the site, but I forget where. - Dec 03 2006
Kubuntu Edgy Eft (Glass)

Wallpapers Kubuntu by inckie 17 comments

Flipping poonuggets, this is amazing. - Nov 28 2006

Compiz Themes by QUASARFREAK 58 comments

Very nice, but I have a small problem. I have a lot of Vista-ish themes, but the default Beryl install does not include the Vista-ish reflection for the blur plugin, as a previous version of compiz did. Do you know where I could get it? I am using the latest Beryl release, and I'm sure I can't find it anywhere. - Nov 21 2006

Beryl/Emerald Themes by kimmik 4 comments

To export a color scheme in KDE, save it with a unique name in KControl, then copy it from /.kde/share/apps/kdisplay/color-schemes/ - Nov 05 2006

Wallpaper Other by a06khana 7 comments

"MS Windows Download"... why so system-specific? - Oct 24 2006

Wallpaper Other by Devil-two 2 comments

That's just perfect... you've made my day. - Oct 23 2006
People are probably voting this down because it's from Windows, and as everybody knows, Windows is "teh evil". I'm no Microsoft fan, but I do like confusing people, especially by making my Linux box look and act like other OSes. This will really help with that. - Oct 17 2006
Blue KDE

KDM3 Themes by xactive 1 comment

To take a screenshot of a login screen, I'd suggest either using a camera or (preferred but more complicated) running KDM in an Xnest window. Not sure of the exact steps needed to do that, though. - Oct 13 2006
KDE Light

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by xactive 2 comments

Your download link is broken - Oct 11 2006
kwin alternative resize style (Fvwm like) (patch)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jezz 4 comments

Download link is broken. - Sep 18 2006
KDE 3.5.4 Screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by dustimausi 6 comments

I, too, disagree with the window decoration. Baghira is nice, but I think that it should be glossy instead of gradient, and just a little higher to avoid crowding the buttons. - Aug 25 2006
IBM A31 Debian Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by seraphyn 7 comments

no A31 here, but it'll look nice on my A30. In fact, it'll work on any Thinkpad... they don't change in look a whole lot - Aug 21 2006
linux vista

KDE 3.5 Themes by webonauta 27 comments

I do not like the way Microsoft has essentially castrated Vista, which adds on to my general dislike of Windows. I do, however, like the Aero theme. - Jun 01 2006

Wallpaper Other by mafalda 1 comment

I own a Thinkpad. It's slowly dying, but that's probably because I bought a used, refurbished one for cheap. Well, I get what I pay for, because I've heard very good things about Thinkpads in general... guess I just got a lemon. - May 17 2006
Parts of Nature

Wallpaper Other by mlesniak 5 comments

To edit already posted items, log in to the website, click on the My Content link at the top of the page, and click Edit under the item you wish to change. - May 08 2006
Parts of Nature

Wallpaper Other by mlesniak 5 comments

Could you release the three inset images as full-size wallpapers? - May 05 2006
Beach flora

Beaches and Oceans by cpufx 2 comments

Actually, plants are "flora." Animals are "fauna." - May 05 2006

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Malvina-dare 1 comment

je l'aime - May 05 2006
The Ring

Wallpaper Other by MetalRuleZ 3 comments

It's missing the Elven script :) - Apr 28 2006
Embassy Mod

KDE Plasma Screenshots by lordmaxxon 3 comments

Actually, both your link and my link are wrong. If you'll look closely, the wallpaper you link to has no utility pole, while the one in my screenshots does. It is a bit confusing, I know, which is why the page without poles includes a link to the page with poles. I just copied it wrong. It should be - Apr 28 2006
simple green

KDE Plasma Screenshots by aivs 2 comments

where'd you get the kbfx button? - Apr 09 2006
My Gentoo's KBFX

Kbfx Startmenu by LuCKy69 2 comments

Those would be tlacuilo's MetalGold icons at - Mar 21 2006
CDE icons

Icon Sub-Sets by arenyart 9 comments

thanks! maybe that will teach me to read the README - Mar 07 2006
CDE icons

Icon Sub-Sets by arenyart 9 comments

I've often had trouble with KDE themes on Mandriva (Theme Manager themes not loading, installed styles not showing up in KControl, etc), and this may be just the latest one, but most of the icons in this set aren't displayed; rather, their Crystal SVG theme counterparts are. - Mar 06 2006
Amarok Shouter

Amarok 1.x Scripts by jbell 98 comments

sorry, the problem's already been solved. i forgot to post that. thanks for your help, though. - Mar 04 2006
Amarok Shouter

Amarok 1.x Scripts by jbell 98 comments

I downloaded the archive and used amaroK's Add Script to add it, but when I tried to run it, it said exited with "Error Code 1" and complained that there was no module named Publisher - Feb 05 2006
xp kdm-theme

KDM3 Themes by mfriedrichs 31 comments

i often use a windows-like theme to irritate my roommate (he's a microsoft-programmer in training) and this will work well for that. nice job on the cloning - Jan 10 2006
Crystal Blue KBFX bartheme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by lordmaxxon 9 comments

well, i'll look into it... i'm not really that good, this is just others' ideas i combined, but i'll look into it - Dec 18 2005
nuoveXT-Firefox 2.0 theme

Firefox Themes by saki 30 comments

File not found - Dec 13 2005

KDE Plasma Screenshots by ollywompus 2 comments

could you make the wallpaper available? - Dec 09 2005
Crystal Blue KBFX bartheme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by lordmaxxon 9 comments

eh? plasma desktop? - Nov 22 2005
Crystal Blue KBFX bartheme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by lordmaxxon 9 comments

i may not like the operating system, but the layout and look/feel are all right by me - Nov 21 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by etorix 2 comments

that's not fsm, that's cthulhu, a creature from some really creepy story - Nov 17 2005

Wallpaper Other by darkowl 5 comments

i click the link and am taken to your website. i click the "download tarball" link and get an error. - Nov 16 2005
Power Gnome

Wallpapers Gnome by Calixero 3 comments

not a gnome fan, but this looks great - Nov 14 2005
LaSt (KBFX Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by bmfan 3 comments

The bottom part is still broken for me... appears halfway up the menu. - Nov 11 2005

Various Stuff by salahuddin66 4 comments

looks like a good kbfx button to me. - Nov 08 2005
Tot Sants

Wallpaper Other by euagal 1 comment

scary! - Nov 02 2005

Kopete Styles by neptune3k 49 comments

works now, thanks - Oct 31 2005

Kopete Styles by neptune3k 49 comments

Kopete imports the style file all right, but will not show any of the images. Can you help me with this? - Oct 30 2005