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Ken Starks
I'd like to see through

Cursors by ssuuddoo 6 comments

this is packaged incorrectly. Are you going to post this back so that kde can correctly install it or are you going to let it just take up space and confuse people. Your contribution isn't doing any one any good here. - Jun 01 2008
Dark Blue

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by XaguestX 4 comments

installing via the theme manager in mandriva results in nothing. Tells me "this theme has no preview". I've renamed it since that seemed to work with the Kore themes but not here. It shows up in the list as "my theme" and no matter what I rename it, it stays the same. Same results on 2 different debian systems. - May 31 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by trooperu 16 comments

Now I am going to take for granted you did not know you had a choice. From now on, many of us are going to automatically vote down any rapidshare links. You might have the greatest work in the world but if it takes me 15 minutes to fight the download site for it, it is teh suk. They are denying entries now for perfectly correct capchas to lure you into paying for their crappy service. Please spread this around. Use No waiting bullcrap, no ads...just park your file, copy the link and walk the freak away.

Screw rapidshare and all those who try to waste our time with their look-alike sites.

helios - May 30 2008